Reliable average. Snom D345 IP Phone Review

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Today we, together with you, will consider another device from our extensive range, namely, Snom D345 IP Phone

Unpacking and packaging

Let’s start by packing the phone. Like the D385, the box is extremely compact, despite the impressive size of the phone itself. The box contains:

  • Telephone set
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Stand
  • Category 5E Ethernet cable
  • Tube and twisted cord to connect it


The design of the phone is dictated by the nostalgia for analog office devices: a wide body, rounded dialer keys, a horizontally elongated display. Sometimes there is a feeling that after dialing a number in the tube, you can hear the clicks of a decade-step automatic telephone exchange. But, as you know, looks are deceiving. The filling of the IP-phone is quite modern, and in terms of the set of functions D345 will give odds to many contemporaries. And the appearance, although it hints at the predecessors of IP-devices, is rather dictated by good ergonomics.

The Snom engineers really took care of the usability of this phone more than. For example, the machine’s graphic display has a tilt angle adjustment that provides 6 different screen positions. This is a noticeably more variable adjustment than any device stand can provide. The display itself is large enough to read information from it without straining, leaning back in a work chair. It also has a backlight that allows you to work with the device both in poor lighting, compensating for the lack of light, and in excessive lighting, the glare from which can be neutralized by correctly choosing the angle of the display. The MWI indicator is located at the top edge of the screen. The indicator here fits well into the general image of the device and immediately attracts attention when turned on.

The context keys are located under the main screen. Below are the navigation keys. The function control buttons are divided into blocks: in the upper left part there are buttons for mute, speakerphone, headset and volume rocker. Along the dialer, from top to bottom, there are buttons for activating the DND mode, phone book and settings, and just below the transfer and call on hold buttons. To the right of them is an additional display with 12 BLF keys located on both sides of it. The number of keys itself is impressive, and the display has 4 pages of values, which provides 48 key values ​​in total. The page switching key is located above the display, which is very convenient, since it does not occupy a value on the screen itself.
On the back of the case there are connectors for the device, including a USB port. It serves to connect a USB headset, flash drive, DECT – dongle A230, Wi-Fi module A210 and expansion panels. Adjacent to the USB port are two Gigabit Ethernet ports, a power supply connector, and handset and headset ports. All of them are located in a recess; for your convenience, we recommend that you connect cables to these connectors before attaching the stand to the phone body.

By the way, the stand here is not adjustable in tilt angle, as we remember, you can adjust the display of the device. And above the holes for attaching the stand there are holes for mounting on the wall. If you have such a need, you do not have to look for and purchase adapters separately, you just need to prepare the mount from the side of the wall.

Software and customization

The phone is set up quickly and intuitively. Initially, the interface is made in a two-tone soft color scheme – the main thing here is functionality and ease of customization. But if you want, you can make the interface the way you like by replacing the icons, choosing the desired colors and the necessary fonts. You can read our material on this topic.

In addition to customizing the device interface, our company provides its own development environment… is a platform consisting of a set of tools and tutorials to help developers build Snom desktop phone applications. The platform is used to create software, publish, distribute and massively deploy application solutions for the entire community of Snom developers and users.

Functionality and operation

Snom D345 very easy to use. Using it, you pay attention to the already mentioned blocks of function keys, you quickly get used to the location, and your hand itself reaches for the desired group of keys when you need to control a call, configure the phone or control its sound reproduction. We pay special attention to the latter, because in our company there is an acoustic laboratory in which all our models are tested. But the handset of our device is interesting not only for its clear and loud sound, but also for its ergonomic shape, the sensations from being in the hand are somewhat unusual, but definitely positive.

The tube bed, like most of our devices, does not have a rebound tongue, the rebound mechanism is electromagnetic, which is not only convenient, but also very practical, since the absence of unnecessary moving parts increases the reliability of the device as a whole.


As mentioned earlier, you can connect a DECT dongle to the USB port of the device A230 and Wi-Fi module A210… The Wi-Fi module works with modern Wi-Fi networks at a frequency of 5 GHz, and with the usual 2.4 GHz networks.
DECT dongle A230 used to connect an external speaker Snom C52P, expanding the phone’s already impressive audio capabilities. Also, using this dongle, DECT headsets are connected to the phone.

In addition, the USB connector can be used to connect an expansion module. The Snom D3 module will add 18 BLF keys to the keyboard of the device. By connecting 3 modules and using all the screen pages, you will receive a total of 102 BLF keys!


Snom D345 – an excellent phone for employees who constantly communicate with a large number of colleagues and clients: secretaries, managers, call center supervisors. It will provide convenience in the workflow and ensure good audibility of the interlocutor, allowing your employees to quickly and efficiently solve the tasks assigned to them.

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