Registration for NeoQUEST-2020: Post-Apocalyptic World Open

Hurrah! We opened registration for the annual cybersecurity competition NeoQUEST-2020!
This time individual CTF will begin March 12 at 12:00 Moscow time and will last until 12:00 Moscow time on March 26! You will have exactly 14 days to save mankind from the global cooling and rising of machines. Welcome to kat: we’ll tell you more about the tasks and the upcoming “Confrontation”!

Okay, habr, what is NeoQUEST?

Neoquest – The annual individual cybersecurity competition in CTF format, held for almost 8 years now.

As always, NeoQUEST takes place in 2 stages:

  1. Online stage – A competition for all comers, in which participants registered on the site for several days remotely go through tasks from various areas of cybersecurity.
  2. “Confrontation” – Conference format event, including:

  • practical cyber security reports;
  • real-time modeling of sensational cyberattacks and a detailed analysis of their causes;
  • analysis of methods of protection against cyberattacks;
  • workshops and master classes that teach working with modern security mechanisms;
  • quiz “Unified State Examination”, which until this time took place in our twitter, and this year will move to telegram;
  • hackquest – the final of the competition for the best participants in the online stage: 8 hours of real-time completion of tasks, after which the winner is announced, receiving the main prize is a trip to one of the international conferences on cybersecurity!

Agenda: online phase of NeoQUEST-2020!

There are three things you need to know about NeoQUEST-2020:

  1. We start March 12th! There is very little time left before the start, so do not pull the rubber and rather register on site.
  2. NeoQUEST – individual CTF-competition, which anyone can take part in! We have done tasks of various types of complexity that will appeal to both beginners in cybersecurity and experienced seasoned ones!
  3. Are you not with us yet? Then here’s another fact for you: the best participants will receive an invitation to the “Face-to-face bid” in St. Petersburg, nice gifts, and the top three winners will also receive cool prizes!

We have a dynamic scale for calculating points for tasks: the number of points for completing a task depends on the number of participants who defeated it and on the time spent on its implementation. Therefore, it makes sense to tackle tasks that no one has yet decided – there is a chance to hit the big jackpot!

So what did you come up with this time?

The legend of NeoQUEST-2020 is based on the secret fear of every robophobe – the revolt of cars!
According to legend, the old world has disappeared (and this is not due to the disconnection of the Internet). Now there is eternal snow everywhere and terrifying robots trying to find the remains of human settlements.

NeoQUEST participants will find a new safe haven, while avoiding all kinds of traps and harassment of the insurgent vehicles.

NeoQUEST-2020 Quests

You will have 14 days to solve tasks from different areas of cybersecurity. Let us open the veil of secrecy so that you can properly prepare for the competition!

  1. What happens if we mix forensics, exploitation of vulnerabilities in one pile and spice it all up with image analysis? Mmm, yummy!
  2. Afraid of elliptical curves? Don’t worry, they’re more afraid of you 🙂 Study them properly cryptography application, and you will be happy – because in our assignment we will show what hidden threats the “safe”, at first glance, systems may conceal.
  3. Traditional OSINT: look at the robot’s attempts to become a human and find its password on the World Wide Web!
  4. Do you know everything about telegram bots? Are you sure? We have done an assignment that uses interesting features – be sure to try to pass it!
  5. Tyzhprogrammer, which means to reverse Android applications for you spit it will be very easy! We do not doubt you!
  6. Pss, how about a little esoteric? We do not promise ghosts, but you still have to look deep into the usual things! Ready to leave the mind and send your intuition to flight?
  7. And the cherry on the cake: search for web vulnerabilities, where without it!

Of course, we have in store for you a few more surprises, but you will know about them very soon! And don’t worry – the NeoQUEST team is always in touch You can see the detailed analysis of the tasks of the past years here and here.

And then what?

Based on the results of the online stage, we will reward the winners who have shown the best result and send invitations to the “Face-to-face bid”, which will traditionally be held in June in St. Petersburg. Great time, great city, great excuse – is it not happiness?
Read more about upcoming events at joint site of NeoQUEST and scientific and technical conference of MiTSOBI conference and in the group In contact with. And now is the time to start actively replenishing the supply of cyber knowledge, because before the start of the online phase of NeoQUEST-2020 there is not much time left!

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