Reflections on AirPods Studio and new Apple patent with rotation recognition

Anyone who follows the releases of the apple giant knows that the next headphones from Apple are likely to be full-size AirPods Studio. Many expected the release in June, but the long-awaited presentation never happened. In this regard, it is especially interesting that among the company’s patents registered this year, there are already two related to full-size headphones. Both patents relate to the touch control of the gadget. Read more about the company’s new patent under the cut.

What is known about the new patent and what was the previous one about?

This year’s first patent related to headphones was published in February. He described gesture control of full-size headphones. New
Patent # 10,721,550, according to Patently Apple, describes recognition technology. The innovation assumes that the headphones will detect their position when rotating and adjust the touch control. Most likely, the software part of the device will receive data from the gyroscopes placed in the earcups, and based on this data, a conclusion is made about the position of the device.

The idea is that the earbuds allow you to use familiar gestures even if the headband is somewhere in the neck area. The patent application contains images of headphones (in particular, a side view) and indicates the directions of the usual control gestures. The innovation, for sure, will be appreciated by those who do not want to wean themselves from the usual actions and at the same time get the maximum level of comfort without changing their habits.

It is known that even not very heavy headphones, when worn for a long time, can cause discomfort in the headband area, for which it is often moved to the neck area and the head is allowed to rest. In this case, without new technology, it would be necessary to adjust the usual gestures to control playback or volume. Having considered this situation, Apple engineers decided to make gestures independent of headphone rotation.

How likely is the new technology to appear in the first version of AirPods Studio?

Surely only Apple knows, but if we compare the release that did not happen and the publication of a new patent, then we can say that the probability is relatively high. The patent does not mention the appearance of the new device or any significant features from which it would be possible to draw a conclusion about which device the innovation will fall into.

I would venture to suggest that due to the fact that from the technical side the solution is quite simple, and from the functional side it is useful and creates tangible value, the innovation is exactly implemented, and it is likely that this will be the first version of AirPods Studio. The implementation of the solution in the first version is also evidenced by the fact that a device in a new format for Apple needs some impressive functional feature that has not been used by other manufacturers.


My regular readers know that I rarely praise Apple and in my hearts sometimes refer to the Cupertino giant as a techno-commercial sect. In this case, I state that the idea of ​​Apple engineers is really worth implementing, it is impressive, while simple to genius. I, like convinced apple-eaters, really look forward to the appearance of headphones with a full-size form factor from Apple. The ideas that are planned to be implemented in them seem to me really useful for users. I sincerely hope that the useful functions of the device will be available not only to users of the apple ecosystem.

we we sell electronics, in our catalog many different things, including headphones… It is possible that a new product from Apple will appear in our catalog (if this happens, we will write about it).

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