Red Hat Flatpak, DevNation Day, C Programming Cheat Sheet and 5 Russian Webinars

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  • C Programming Language Cheat Sheet

    C is a classic of compiled programming languages, a conceptual ancestor of Lua, C ++, Java, Go and many other modern languages, and just a great choice to start learning programming. This cheat sheet contains a useful summary of the C syntax.


September event – join us!

September 15 will take place Devnation day – absolutely free virtual conference on new computer technologies and protection of computer programs ™ – well, that is, development and technology issues. There are 4 themes in the spotlight this year: Kubernetes / OpenShift, JavaScript, Python and Java.

In addition to Red Hat experts, representatives from Google, MongoDB, Redis, Snyk, Tail, Auth0, Ionic and many other leading companies will speak. You don’t have to go anywhere – sit (or lie) where it is convenient for you, watch, listen and communicate with the speakers through online polls and chats.


In Russian:

We’re kicking off a series of Friday webinars on the native experience of using the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Kubernetes. Register and come:

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