Recover an Active Directory Domain Controller from the Ashes: Quest Recovery Manager Webinar

Mistakes do happen sometimes. Active Directory (AD) can be lost if an administrator, out of his mind, accidentally deletes something or performs a massive update that will lead to unwanted results. Recovery can take hours or even days and, as a result, lead to the forced downtime of certain business processes. In these situations, you can use a disaster recovery plan and AD recovery tool to speed up your return to normal operation.

Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory is similar to insurance coverage for an AD environment. The solution captures changes in AD at the object or attribute level and allows you to roll back in a few clicks. At any given time, you will know what happened, who was affected and what needs to be rolled back. In the interface, you can quickly compare the current state with a backup to instantly restore data to your on-premises, Azure AD, or hybrid environment.

We invite you to register for the webinar, which will take place on March 24 at 11 a.m. Moscow time… If you cannot visit it or read this post after it has started, in any case, leave your contact details and we will send you a record. At the webinar, you will learn how to restore any object in AD without having to restart domain controllers and quickly identify changes in AD settings (and not only AD). Under the cut are the capabilities of Quest Recovery Manager for AD and a few screenshots of the solution interface and a link to our other articles on Quest solutions for working with the Microsoft environment.

Recovery Manager runs from the operating system snap-in:

Allows you to delegate recovery to other users:

Restores any AD object without the need to reboot the domain controller:

Restores certain attributes without having to restore the entire AD account:

Reporting on the changes that have occurred (comparison):

Supports work through PowerShell to automate routine tasks:

If you would like to test Quest Recovery Manager in your environment or if you are interested in the cost of a solution, leave your data in feedback form or contact in another convenient way

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