Record a beat playfully – applications that will help you do it

We continue to talk about services that allow you to record a beat and play music during a break from work. Today we will talk about applications with elements of gamification – browser games with a lo-fi atmosphere and beatbox culture.

Photo: Josh Withers.  Source:
Photo: Josh Withers. Source:

Soft jazz chords

Genre lo-fi arose in the 70s as a direction of “poor music”. Beginning musicians could not afford expensive audio equipment, so the sound quality in their tracks left much to be desired. But over time, acoustic artifacts and soft hip-hop beats have become the calling card of the direction.

In the late 2010s, lo-fi became a cultural phenomenon – at the same time it gained popularity audio stream Study Girl. Every day, tens of thousands of people listen to light jazz chords with a recognizable background. There is a laptop, a flower, a large table lamp on the girl’s table, and a ginger cat is sitting on the windowsill. Of course, there are a huge number of other streams in this niche. [говорили об этом ранее].

In addition to audio broadcasts, there is another way to immerse yourself in the lamp atmosphere of the “lo-fi room”. A developer from Korea under the pseudonym Bearmask is developing a small browser game – LoFi Room.


Each level is a new room with cats and muses. tools. The player must find them and weave the sound into a single musical pattern. To do this, you need to go through the mini-game by type guitar hero and timely press one of the four buttons [QWER].

The app also lets you record your own beat and share it with the community, which is surprisingly lively enough. You can find many on the web reviews and guides for writing simple tracks.

So far, there are only three levels in the game, but the author promises that there will be twenty of them. A couple of months ago he started testing eighteenth. Probably, the full version of the project will be released in the near future.

Beatbox constructor

Another game, but for beatbox lovers, – Incredibox. The application was developed by a small French team of enthusiasts back in 2009. The project has received numerous awards and mentions in major publications.

The game has already been tested by more than 60 million people, and it is still relevant – as it is a good timekiller that allows you to escape from work and switch from one thing to another. The gameplay consists in dragging icons representing different samples onto the characters – this way, different compositions are generated.

The total number of unique combinations exceeds 100 thousand. The application automatically synchronizes excerpts so that the part does not lose its rhythm. A second mode is also available, when the sounds are constantly changing randomly.


There are eight muses in the game. styles inspired by hip-hop, Indian, Brazilian or Japanese music, as well as cyberpunk. However, only four are available in the browser version. To open the rest, you will have to download the desktop version.

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