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image PowerShell for sysadmins

Author (s): Bertram A.

PowerShell is both a scripting language and a command shell that allows you to manage your system and automate almost any task. In PowerShell for Sysadmins, Microsoft MVP owner Adam Bertram aka “the Automator” shows you how to use PowerShell so that the reader finally has time for toys, yoga and cats.

You will learn to:

– Combine commands, control the flow of execution, handle errors, write scripts, run them remotely and test them using the Pester testing framework.
– Analyze structured data such as XML and JSON, work with popular services (such as Active Directory, Azure and Amazon Web Services), create server monitoring systems.
– Create and design PowerShell modules.
– Use PowerShell for an easy, fully automated installation of Windows.
– Create an Active Directory forest with just a Hyper-V host and a few ISO files.
– Build countless web and SQL servers with just a few lines of code!

Real-life examples help bridge the gap between theory and work in a real system, and the author’s light humor makes reading easier.

Stop relying on expensive software and vague advice from the web!

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image Scala. Professional programming. 4th ed.

Author (s): Oderski M., Spoon L., Wenners B.

“Scala. Professional Programming is the premier book on Scala, a popular language for the Java platform that combines object-oriented and functional programming concepts to make it a unique and powerful development tool.

This authoritative work, written by the creators of Scala, takes you step by step through the language and the ideas behind it.

This fourth edition has been completely updated. Added material about the changes introduced in Scala 2.13, including:

• new hierarchy of collection types;
• new specific types of collections;
• new methods added to collections;
• new ways to define your own collection types;
• new simplified representations.

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image Data protection. From authorization to audit

Author (s): Andress D.

How is authorization different from authentication? How to maintain confidentiality and conduct penetration testing? The author answers all basic questions and examines operational security, protection of OS and mobile devices, as well as network design problems using examples of real incidents. The book is suitable for beginners in the field of information security, network administrators and anyone interested. She will be the starting point for a career in data protection.

Most relevant topics:
• Principles of modern cryptography, including symmetric and asymmetric algorithms, hashes and certificates.
• Multi-factor authentication and how to use biometric systems and hardware tokens to improve it.
• Settlement of issues of protection of computer systems and data.
• Anti-malware, firewall and intrusion detection systems. • Buffer overflows, race conditions and other vulnerabilities.

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image JavaScript from scratch

Author (s): Chinnathhambi K.

JavaScript has never been so easy! You will learn all the features of a programming language without common phrases and obscure terms. Detailed examples, illustrations and diagrams will be clear even for a beginner.

Easy presentation of information and lively humor of the author will turn boring memorization into an entertaining practice of writing code. When you reach the last chapter, you will level up your skills so much that you can solve almost any problem, whether it is simple movement of elements on the page or even your own browser game.

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