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Notion is a saas word with blackjack and standardized formatting. I write the draft of the article in it 🙂 It does not constitute an advertisement or individual investment recommendation. It has a public page view feature (for example vpn vice versa or Spline Dock are Notion pages), but there is no built-in tool to track views of that page.

A task: how to get the number of page views in Notion?


The task is not trivial for me. And in order to solve it, as expected, he began to dig in the direction of what had already been written.

First found plugin, of which there are already a different set (graphs, feedback forms, buttons, etc.). Plugin, perfectly assembled, all at the click of a mouse. But there is a fat minus – a rigid binding to Google Analytics. Firstly, I’m not a fan, and secondly, technological sovereignty. We need Yandex Metrica. It does not constitute an advertisement or individual investment recommendation. We move on.

Following link – blog article. Again GA, but more interesting. The idea is to pass the counter parameters in the url, through the image, which will then load the Notion. Looked github project – and right there: not everything is so simple. ID (which could be passed through) stopped supported by the author himself. Well. But the condition of the problem became more precise: how to proxy YaMetrika through a picture in Notion?

And finally – insight!… Introductory enough. Let’s take a prototype.


Create a repository, better publicto make the iron work. And fill it with content (as per the link, it’s better to fork)

Like it is possible private – in this party did not dig. The main thing is to have access to github pages (…

Ready – Next, we create a YM counter, copy its id and paste it into the url of our project. Something like this and check for functionality. Check passed.

It is important not to forget to replace the test domain with the final address in the counter from which we count views.

Open the page in Notion and through embedded paste the link above. We get an empty panel, as intended. We open public access, go to the address and check the counter for the second time for operability. Two out of two 🙂

The “sites” that I gave as an example at the very beginning were made using the service… This is a proxy for Notion’s public pages. It turns out something like this dream inside a dream:

Test results


  • the only source of views is always a proxy, whichever layer of domains is on top

  • Clicks, transitions are not counted, the web browser and other analytics do not work

  • The picture can and should be made smaller / lighter, or it may be necessary to get involved with the Yandex pixel, but it is not pulled up by the service


It would be interesting to turn this into a full-fledged proxy analytics servicewhere you can choose between Yametrica and Ganalytics, add your own media, etc. But if you get only views, the usefulness is a big question.

I would be glad if someone participates in testing on myself. Forkite, share results and ideas for improvements. Thank you!

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