Privacy Day 2021: When Privacy Becomes Important

January 28, 2021, on international data protection day, a thematic conference will be held Privacy Day 2021… The Russian conference will be held for the third time. We will tell you what problems of our privacy the speakers will discuss at Privacy Day this Thursday.

In Europe and the USA, Data Protection Day has been celebrated since 2007. Under the date of January 28, it is enshrined in national calendars; thousands of thematic events, including international ones, are regularly held. The Moscow conference is designed to support the global movement and provide Russian experts with a platform for discussion and networking.

Privacy Day 2021 General Topics – growing volumes of data collection about users by government agencies and media corporations, and privacy issues in a pandemic world

Topics that the speakers will discuss at the conference:

  • trends in the regulation of personal data in Russia and in the world;

  • new threats to privacy from technology, government and corporations;

  • successful business cases in the field of protection, storage and circulation of personal data;

  • outstanding cases of responsible and honest handling of user data;

  • new projects in the field of privacy;

  • expert assessments, heated battles and unexpected conclusions.

In 2021, the conference is being held online, available and free to all users via live broadcast on YouTube.

Audience of the event: experts in the field of privacy and information protection, DPOs, security specialists, employees and owners of large IT companies, lawyers, economists, sociologists, public figures, journalists and web users. Privacy Day 2021 is interesting for those who work with personal data, as well as for the users who produce it.


Privacy Day 2021 is held RosKomSvoboda together with Digital Rights Center and Privacy Accelerator


Online conference

January 28, 2020

Beginning at 11.00 (Moscow time GMT + 3)


On the site:

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