Privacy Accelerator: we invite you to upgrade projects in the field of privacy and access to information

We often have thematic projects asking for help. Mostly with advertising. For some reason, project teams believe that if we place a mention or post-review of their product on RosKomSvoboda, then a stream of users will immediately go, and their business or civil project will start working. In the meantime, we know that this is not so, and in almost 100 percent of cases we refuse, simply because it is not beneficial to anyone: neither the readers to whom we advertise a crude, potentially unsafe product, nor a project that will not achieve the expected results, and its enthusiasm creators will soon go out.

There are two reasons why this happens:

  • it is a standard for techies to underestimate the marketing components of a project;
  • and also a lack of understanding in general of the glade of privacy (anonymity and all this), insufficiently studied motivation of users (both individuals and organizations) when using any product in this niche.

In the spring we spent Antique Hackathon, in which we received very cool feedback from both mentors and projects, and realized that we really want and are ready to make a separate pumping program for projects that want to improve privacy, anonymity or access to information. We have strong networking in the areas that projects need to fully launch (marketing, product management, cyber law, development, fundraising); we ourselves have good expertise and competence in the functioning of privacy projects; we have partners who are constantly looking for ideas in this area and are ready to invest money in them. Thus, the puzzle came together. We decided to launch an accelerator and now we are announcing a set of first projects for it!

Now we will explain how this will work.

What is Privacy Accelerator?

it online program intensive development of civil and commercial projects related to anonymity, privacy, access to information and freedom of speech, as well as legaltech projects in the field of digital rights. The goal of the Privacy Accelerator is to increase the number of reliable projects that ensure the digital rights of citizens and their personal safety.

An accelerator for privacy projects is a unique niche story that should have started exactly in RosKomSvoboda, because we have been monitoring for many years what is happening with privacy, data security, freedom of speech and information in our country and abroad, we are conducting legal, analytical and human rights work. The time has come when our experts can share their experience and help develop projects in these areas.

The partners of Privacy Accelerator are cool projects that support and promote the ideas of privacy and freedom of information. it Qrator Labs – the main project for countering DDoS attacks in Russia. it ProtonMail Is a Swiss encrypted webmail service created by CERN staff. And also our beloved Habr. Their representatives will act as mentors and information partners within the framework of the program, as well as support newcomers leaving it, if they can show themselves well and develop prospects.

How to participate?

Any project that aims to provide access to information or privacy can apply to the Privacy Accelerator.

The project can be both civil and commercial, both already launched, and at the MVP stage. The advantage will be the availability of the first samples on the market.

Participation in the Accelerator is completely free, regardless of whether the team is set up to promote a commercial product for profit or creates a completely public project that works on the enthusiasm of the creators or donations from supporters. We will help both to become successful. We want to have as many cool initiatives as possible.

Submit application you can participate right now.

How is the program going?

The Privacy Accelerator Program Lasts three months from October to December. We expect that the participants who successfully pass the preliminary selection will be able to devote to work within the program – at least 20 hours a week

This time will be occupied by online meetings with mentors, trainings, webinars and workshops. It is also necessary to devote time to self-fulfilling mentors’ tasks and finishing the product.

All interaction and communications within the framework of the program take place online, which does not exclude active networking, exchange of ideas, and forging partnerships. We encourage teamwork and collaboration to promote good ideas.

Why should you participate?

Privacy Accelerator is the only dedicated accelerator for privacy projects. Teams creating new products in this niche often fail due to lack of understanding of the subject area. Our task is to prevent this from happening. We have competencies and experience, many years of market expertise and a vision of trends. We will advise, warn, teach how to do it correctly.

As mentors and mentors, we attract leading specialists in the field of development, marketing, development of NGOs and business, incl. international, digital rights lawyers, data analysts, etc. Their experience and competencies will allow you to assess the potential of the project, determine its target audience and find the first followers, build business processes, thus accelerating growth, and help avoid serious mistakes at startup.

Projects that have successfully completed the program and have received good recommendations from mentors, we will help with finding funding (for NGOs) or seed investments (for business products).

The recruitment of participants for the first Privacy Accelerator stream has already started. Submit application available until September 15, 2020 inclusive. If you already have a project and a team, join us!

We also continue to accept applications for participation in the hackathon DemHack, which the will take place already on September 12-13 in Moscow. Organizers: RosKomSvoboda and Greenhouse of Social Technologies.

Hurry participate and develop a product that can change our digital reality with you for the better!

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