Powerful six: proven backpacks and travel bags with laptop

In the heat, you want to go away from the hot city. Traveling is not easy: it is not clear how, where, when … but at least you can decide what. We have a business proposal: six backpacks and travel bags.

They do not need to be checked in on the aircraft, they are suitable for most airlines’ hand luggage requirements. Plus, if you’re a workaholic or travel a lot, there’s room for a work laptop too.

XD Design Bobby Trolley Rolling Backpack

  • transformer, turns into a bag on wheels

  • volume 24 liters

  • fits 17 “laptop and 12.9” tablet

  • issue price: 15,990 p. 12 792 p. by promo code TRAVELHABR

Let’s start with heavy artillery. Sometimes it is convenient for passengers to carry a bag on wheels around the airport, and sometimes it is convenient for passengers to run to boarding with a backpack at the ready. FROM Bobby trolley both scenarios are possible, because this is a convertible backpack. You put the straps into the compartment on the back, take out the handle and the wheels – you get a bag. Not magic, but clever design!

The backpack is cut-proof and tamper-proof with a combination lock that locks the zipper sliders in place. The lock has a TSA master key slot, so American customs officials won’t pick on it. Next to the lock is a USB port for charging gadgets on the go. Connect it to a power bank inside your backpack and you won’t be left with a dead smartphone at the airport.

On the back of the Bobby Trolley there are two padded compartments for a 17 “laptop and a 12.9” tablet, as well as mesh pockets for small gadgets.

The main compartment of the backpack is fenced off with a fabric partition with a zipper. You can put bulky things there – clothes, shoes and headphones. With such a backpack, it is not scary to travel to a southern country with an unpredictable climate, because it is sewn from a water-repellent dense fabric and will survive both heat and rain.

XD Design Bobby Hero XL Backpack

  • convenient to carry cameras and drones

  • volume 21.5 liters

  • fits 17 “laptop and 12.9” tablet

  • issue price: 9,990 p. 7,992 p. by promo code TRAVELHABR

Traveling photographers cannot do without technology, and a backpack Bobby hero xl will help to transport it safely in every sense. The backpack has solid sandwich walls and a cleverly hidden zipper in the main compartment. It runs along the edge of the back and cannot be opened while the backpack is hanging on the back of its owner. This means that the contents of Bobby Hero XL are not available to attackers. And rain too, because the material is water-repellent.

The Bobby Hero XL has the same internals as the Bobby Trolley. There are two compartments for a laptop and a tablet on the back of the backpack, and the main part of the space is covered with a zippered partition. Unlike Trolley, Hero XL sold separately set of padded Velcro dividers… They can be used to neatly organize the space of the backpack: in some “holes” you can put equipment, in others – clothes. Feel free to take with you a couple of “glasses”, a healthy flash and a bunch of batteries – the “heroic” backpack will cope with everything.

Plus, it has a power bank pocket and a USB port under the right shoulder strap. That is, you can charge your favorite camera and smartphone on the go without opening your backpack.

Travel Blue Folding Back Pack 20

  • foldable, compact and lightweight

  • volume 20 liters

  • suitable for devices with a diagonal of 14 “

  • issue price: 1,590 RUB 890 p. by promo code TRAVELHABR

In order not to overload your luggage with bags, take a foldable backpack with you on your trip Travel Blue Folding Back Pack… When folded, it is slightly larger than a tennis ball, and when unfolded it turns into a full-fledged 20-liter backpack, with which it is convenient to explore new territory.

The backpack has a pair of external zipped pockets, into one of which the backpack folds completely. Plus, a mesh bottle holder so you don’t have to look for safe water in an unfamiliar place. Fits a 14-inch laptop inside, but keep in mind that the backpack is thin and won’t protect your tech from bumps and pickpockets. This is a spare backpack worth stuffing with souvenirs, guides, a towel and a swimsuit. And it is better to keep valuables in a belt bag. Pacsafe or XD Design (or at the hotel).

Travel Blue is a renowned British travel brand. You can find their pillows, earplugs, adapters, covers at airports all over the world. The brand’s summer sale is now underway and there is a 30% discount for the whole collection… This is a good opportunity to thoroughly prepare for your trip.

Pacsafe Venturesafe X Waistpack

  • protected from theft and autopsy

  • volume 4 liters

  • suitable for smartphones, tablets, documents and wallets

  • issue price: 5,990 p. 4 792 p. by promo code TRAVELHABR

In another city or another country, all the most valuable must be kept close to the body. And in their native places, caution will not hurt! With a belt bag Pacsafe Venturesafe X Waistpack documents, smartphone and money will not part with the traveler. The fact is that the bag has a well-thought-out protection against pickpockets. It cannot be cut because the fabric is reinforced with a steel mesh and the belt is reinforced with a flexible steel sling. The belt is fixed with a special safety buckle with a safety lock, thanks to which the bag is securely held on the owner’s belt, as well as on a bench, post or fence. Relax with peace of mind in the street cafe and on the beach – things will not be grabbed and will not run away with them. The bag has zippers that close with a lock so that no one can open it unnoticed in the crowd, and the front pocket is protected from RFID attacks.

Belt bags are very popular with tourists due to their small size and position. Still, it is easier to pull valuables out of a backpack behind your back than from a “wearable pocket” on your stomach. But Pacsafe’s designers have taken security a few levels higher.

Spacious Pacsafe Vibe 40 Backpack

  • roomy anti-theft backpack

  • volume 40 liters

  • suitable for 16 “laptops

  • issue price: 12 490 p. 9,992 p. by promo code TRAVELHABR

40 liter backpack Pacsafe vibe looks more like a suitcase than a backpack. It is conceived as the ideal carry-on bag that utilizes all the space allocated on the plane. Strict low-cost airlines will most likely make you pay extra and check in this roomy accessory in your luggage. However, other airlines allow you to take it to the cabin.

Inside the back of the backpack is a padded compartment for a 16-inch laptop. On the opposite side there is a large compartment for things with belts and a pair of pockets. The outside of the backpack is equipped with straps to adjust its volume. For easy portability, there are two ties, chest and waist.

A characteristic feature of the backpack is its multi-layered protection. It is almost the same as the Venturesafe X Waistpack. A sewn-in steel mesh protects the backpack from cuts, and the straps are reinforced with steel straps so that they cannot be cut. The right shoulder strap is equipped with a special safety buckle to fix the backpack on fixed furniture or a fence – so it will not be carried away if the owner is distracted. The lock locks the zippers in place so that they cannot be opened and the zippers themselves do not pierce from the outside. Plus, the inside of the backpack has a shielded pocket for plastic cards and documents. The inner paranoid will be pleased.

OGIO Renegade RSS Serious Backpack

  • copes with heavy loads

  • volume 29 liters

  • suitable for 15 “laptops

  • Issue price: 12,990 p. 8 833 p. by promo code TRAVELHABR

For pedants, there are OGIO backpacks. These are “heavy trucks” designed for serious testing. OGIO Renegade RSS it is distinguished by a huge number of external and internal pockets, compartments and compartments, which are counted in dozens. It has a particularly secure laptop compartment, reinforced so that the inside of the machine is always protected from mechanical damage.

The straps of the backpack are connected with a chest strap for better load distribution. Additional comfort is provided by a rigid, ergonomic backrest made of breathable material. Minus, perhaps, one – this backpack is easy to stuff so tightly that it becomes “pot-bellied” and huge. But at the same time, it still retains its shape, distributes the load well and does not break, which is critical during a trip.

With such a backpack – even to the Arctic. After all, you want to now, right?

All these backpacks can be found in the catalog our online store… For Habr readers, there is a 20% discount on the promotional code TRAVELHABR for all backpacks and bags from the review. Happy wanderings!

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