Podcast: “We make robotic systems to work with unstructured environments”

Participated in the fourth episode of the podcast Sergey Kolyubin, head of the international laboratory “Biomechatronics and Energy Efficient Robotics»And Deputy Director of the Mega-Faculty of Computer Technologies and Management at ITMO University.

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Timecodes for main topics:

  • 00:19 – the speaker’s sphere of competence and specialized laboratories;
  • 03:18 – what the masters in the robotics direction are doing;
  • 07:32 – how to join these projects (prerequisites);
  • 13:02 – features of the interdisciplinary approach;
  • 19:24 – balance of theory and practice, personal and general projects.

The podcast is prepared and hosted by dmitrykabanov.

In the first three issues:

  • AR in the stadium, process modeling and multidisciplinary game development
  • Information security and quantum key distribution systems
  • What awaits budding scientists in the field of ML

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