Podcast: “I like to investigate attacks on quantum key distribution systems”

1 min

This is the third issue of our new podcast. Anton Kozubov took part in it, supervisor theoretical group laboratories of quantum processes and measurements ITMO University. We discussed his work, projects and industry specifics. Listen here:

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Timecodes for the main topics:

  • 00:16 – a couple of words about the specifics of the industry;
  • 06:24 – opportunities for scientists from related fields;
  • 10:37 – what are the challenges facing the community today;
  • 21:42 – a brief introduction to quantum hacking;
  • 26:18 – one cannot so easily take and not disturb colleagues;
  • 29:50 – why it is important not to rush to publish protection methods;
  • 33:09 – a little about interaction with regulatory organizations;
  • 36:07 – on the distinction between fundamental and applied research.

Podcast prepares and leads dmitrykabanov.

Notes and additional reading on the topic of release:

Earlier in the podcast:

  • What do scientific data visualization and gamedev have in common
  • How to make an entire stadium AR show
  • What awaits beginner scientists in the field of MO


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