Podcast: AR at the stadium, real-world process modeling and multidisciplinary game dev

This is a podcast of ITMO Research. In the second issue with us Andrey Karsakov, Ph.D., senior researcher at the National Center for Cognitive Development, Associate Professor of the Department of Digital Transformations.

Since 2012, Andrey has been working in the scientific group Visualization and Computer Graphics. He is engaged in large-scale applied projects at the state and international level. We are talking about his experience in participating in AR-support of mass events, data visualization, modeling of real-world processes and multidisciplinary game dev.

Timecodes for the main topics:

  • 00:41 – AR-solution for the European Games in Minsk;
  • 10:42 – the complexity of the project from the point of view of UX;
  • 20:17 – a little about the architecture and approach to synchronization;
  • 32:35 – adaptation of this solution to work at WorldSkills in Kazan;
  • 40:00 – scientific data visualization and modeling of processes in other projects;
  • 48:52 – about gamedev and the master’s program “Game Development Technology“.

Podcast prepares and leads dmitrykabanov.

Notes and additional reading:

P.S. In the first issue about a scientific career in machine learning, he talked with us Andrey Filchenkov, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Information Technology and Programming, and Head of the Machine Learning Group at the Computer Technologies International Laboratory at ITMO University.

P.P.S. In addition to announcements of issues with notes and additional sources on the subject, we plan to prepare full text transcripts. If this format of interview seems interesting to you, please support us by rating or recalling Apple Podcasts and on other platforms.

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