Playme Sigma: Functional and Affordable DVR

Hello, Habr! Today we have prepared a mono-review of a small but “smart” video recorder with magnetic mount Playme Sigma. The novelty has a low cost and combines the capabilities of a DVR and a GPS informer. All the details about the new Playme device for 4,990 rubles – under the cut.

We have been blogging on Habré not so long ago, but many times we were told in the comments: “Yes, good, but expensive, Karl!” Today I want to proudly ask: “Now is not expensive?” And the reason for this is the new Playme Sigma dashcam with GPS information module.



As a video recorder, Playme Sigma records video in Full HD (1080p) format at a frequency of 25 frames per second (the physical resolution of the matrix is ​​2 megapixels) or in 720p format. The viewing angle is 120 degrees. The device also allows you to take photos with an interpolated resolution of up to 12 megapixels.

Of the useful functions, the DVR uses WDR, which allows you to record video in the same contrast in the dark and daytime. To record incidents, a G-sensor and a motion detector are built into the device. Thanks to this, Playme Sigma has a parking mode. The device independently turns on and records the fragment if the shock sensor is triggered or a new object appears in the field of view.

Video recording occurs cyclically in the selected range (one, two or three minutes). Fragments on which the G-sensor was recorded or the M key was pressed (located on the upper side of the device) are marked as Read only and will not be erased during cyclic recording. However, on a card up to 32 GB, as a rule, a lot of videos fit.

You can configure your license plate in the menu so that the license plate stamp appears on the video. You can also add the current time and date to the recording.

Kit, mount and install

One of the most interesting advantages of the new product is its kit and the way the components interact with each other. The device consists of a main unit, which is mounted on the windshield using double-sided tape (this is enough, given the minimum weight of the device), as well as the DVR itself and a separate GPS module.

A power cable is connected to the main unit, which you can hide under the skin and let it bypass the windshield – for this, the power supply from the cigarette lighter has an extra long cable. The DVR and GPS module are attached to the main unit using magnetic mounts. They are reliable enough: if you try to shake off the module by hand, you will not succeed. The device is powered through the mount thanks to Power Click technology.

But in this video we drive along a bumpy road, to put it mildly, on which nothing falls off.

Due to the absence of latches, the DVR is easy to remove and carry with you, or you can get out of the car and take additional photos or record a video of the incident.

On the left side of the DVR is the M button, which protects the recording from being erased, as well as a slot for a memory card.

On the right side is the power button and a USB port for charging the device.

All control buttons – MENU, up and down arrows and OK – are located directly under the 1.5-inch screen.

GPS informant and update

A nice feature of the kit is the ability to remove the GPS module, as well as the DVR. This is necessary to update the bases of the location of police cameras, which takes place in this model according to the new EasyUpdate scheme. Now for the update you do not need to remove the DVR itself or remove the memory card from it – you can safely leave the device in the cabin working in parking mode. Instead, you just need to remove the GPS module and connect it to the computer via a standard micro-USB cable. The GPS database is stored in the module itself.

Like other Playme devices, the Sigma model informs the driver about the approach to the next camera or video recording system, recalling the current restriction in this part of the route. Playme Sigma is equipped with a fairly powerful speaker and generates noticeable warnings. On the screen, the distance to the radar is counted.

Of course, Playme Sigma cannot provide protection from mobile radars, as well as from cameras that were moved or installed “just yesterday”. In this case, you will receive warnings about all the most productive control systems that issue a maximum of fines. These include Strelka, Avtodoriya, Avtouragan, Skat, Oskon and many others. And the presence of the GPS module will help to accurately determine the speed of the car, excluding amendments to the standard speedometer.

Device management

Playme Sigma is very compact. On its back side is the maximum size for such dimensions of the LCD screen (diagonal – 1.5 inches). However, it turns out to be quite enough for notifications and a quick look at the video. Four buttons are located below: “enter the menu”, arrows “up” and “down”, as well as the “OK” key. So there are no frills in management here, the work with the menu is intuitive.

For battery life, the Playme Sigma has a 150 mAh battery. It is designed for night work of the gadget in parking mode, as well as for photographing on the ground. However, given that this is a Li-pol battery, it is better to take the device home in cold weather.

Turning GPS information on and off is ridiculously simple. If the GPS module is installed, reporting works. If it is not installed, you do not receive notifications. No additional menu items are provided for it.


Playme Sigma is the most affordable DVR, taking into account its qualities, supporting GPS-information about stationary cameras for speed and lane control. It is compact enough to leave it in the cabin, and the magnetic mount makes it easy to remove and install both the device itself and its GPS module.

Among the pluses is a new method for updating the camera database, as well as a reduced device cost, which was made possible by switching to a more accessible element base (by the way, without losing quality – we will talk about this in the following posts). Of course, Playme Sigma does not allow recording with Super HD resolution, and also can not detect radars that are not in the database. But for its price, this gadget has an optimal set of features.

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