platform for the development of promising technologies in the Industry

Abstract: The article examines the applied and emerging promising technologies that are very relevant at the present stage of the technological development of society.

The introduction of “fresh” definitions and “beautiful” words does not help in solving the problems of creating, defined by these words (epithets) that we (people) are trying to represent. M. Berlin, project: “East Wind”

The relevance of this topic was confirmed at the trade fair in Hannover in 2011. At this event, the development strategy of the project was determined, which determined the next stage of Industrialization in the context of the development of the “smart world”, “the world of networks” and “Internet of life”. At various levels of the state structure, the concept was called “Industry 4.0”, a significant number of models and concepts of this project, considered as the basic ones, determine the task of the subsequent implementation and modernization of the human world order within the framework of a particular state. At the same time, those formed (what is being formed?) At the level of Industry, the state apparatus and the scientific environment of a similar (specific) state, have either a direct reference or are based on the strategy presented by the special working group “Industry 4.0”, which was organized by the German government. The goal of this group at the initial stage was to analyze and develop recommendations for the implementation of the strategic initiative – “Industry 4.0”.

In the report prepared by this group, submitted to the government, and subsequently published on a special website, a set of necessary recommendations was formed. The key focus of this report was the coverage of policies to encourage research and learning initiatives.

The recommendations developed since 2011 have been the subject of discussions at various conferences, seminars and working groups at the international level. The turning point in Industry 4.0 was 2015, when almost every stand at the largest conferences and exhibitions featured the markers “Internet of Things”, “Industrial Internet of Things” and “Industry 4.0”

The consequence of this trend was the “agenda” of the same name, which was discussed during the meeting of leaders and official economic and political representatives of states, within the framework of the “World Economic Forum” held in Davos, Switzerland. This agenda discusses the need for a strong scientific and educational potential, which will become the basis of the fourth order Industrial Revolution and will allow to explore and realize the possibilities of modern technologies.

To achieve this goal, there is a creation and organization of consortia and associations whose tasks include coordination of actions among commercial companies, industrial enterprises and universities in different countries. These organizations are designed to solve the most pressing issues at the moment, namely: standardization, security, device interaction protocol, control interface and human interaction.

In our opinion, a significant contribution to solving these issues in our country could be made by scientific laboratories of a fundamental and practical orientation, operating on the basis of Universities, which are currently underdeveloped in the Russian educational segment.

An example of such cooperation is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brown University. The research laboratories of fundamental practical orientation organized on their basis take an active part in research, and the results of the work are used in the development of modern technologies, thereby forming the backlog of fundamental science and applied research.

Opening or emerging research laboratories on the basis of Universities have two development paths.

The first way is to create a laboratory for a specific focus, for example, the development of Industry 4.0, the choice of which is due to cooperation with a specific enterprise.

The second way consists in organizing a laboratory for researching various problems, the choice of the direction of which is due to the availability of funding in a particular area.

To solve the above problem at the bases of the Russian Universities (note: for example, the Baltic State Technical University “VOENMEH” named after D.F. in the field of promising technologies in the industry, as well as the formation of a fundamental applied reserve.

The organization of laboratories will create an environment for cooperation between enterprises and Universities, described in the concept of the Industry 4.0 project, and act as a platform for the formation of a fundamental applied groundwork that meets the research, scientific and technical needs of Industry enterprises.

Taking into account the state of the Russian Industry, as well as the level of technological development, an important factor is the need to form its own direction of development and implement concepts within the framework of the fourth stage of the Industrial Revolution. This will preserve the possibility of both considering existing models and concepts, and developing their own unique approaches that contribute to strengthening security.

Based on the issues discussed above, we come to the conclusion that the creation of a scientific laboratory of fundamental practical orientation as a platform for the development of promising technologies in the Industry is an important component of the development of the fourth stage of the Industrial Revolution.

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