Picooc X1 Pro review. We add new metrics to the smartphone: pressure and heart rate

When the word “tonometer” is used, an ancient mechanical device with a pear appears to the inner eye, which has a place in a museum of retro technology, and not in the 21st century. Well, the Picooc X1 Pro smart blood pressure monitor is not at all like that. It is a modern gadget that measures, records and analyzes pressure. It will serve as an important tool for collecting health information for the entire family.

Quick reference

Blood pressure is literally the force with which blood presses against the arteries. Since a person does not live without blood vessels and blood (captain!), This is one of the most important indicators of health. It is recommended that everyone monitor their blood pressure, especially people with hereditary and acquired diseases such as diabetes. It is useful to know the indicators for those who are obese, smoke, drink a lot of coffee, work on nervous work. The risk group also includes men who in Russia especially often suffer from heart attacks and strokes.

The pressure is higher when the heart contracts and releases blood into the vessels. This phase is called “systole” and the pressure is called “upper” or systolic. The heart then relaxes and refills with blood. This is diastole. Accordingly, the “lower”, lower pressure is called “diastolic”. Usually, the so-called pressure of astronauts is considered normal: 120 to 80 mm Hg. Pulse pressure is calculated as the difference between systolic and diastolic pressure. In a healthy person, it lies in the range from 50 to 30 mm Hg.

Deviations from the numbers listed above may indicate diseases of the cardiovascular system. If there are such deviations, consult a doctor, do not self-medicate.

What’s outside

Picooc is famous for its smart scales, it was their company that produced until recently and continues to improve. The Picooc X1 Pro monitor should expand its line of health monitoring devices. The idea is for the user to measure everything at once and store the data in one application.

Compared to the scales, the monitor design seems modest. The white box is connected with an air hose to the gray cuff. The cuff is universal, with a girth of 22–42 centimeters. Suitable for the vast majority of adults: Madrobots fit into everyone who tested the device.

This is a functional gadget designed to be used by people of any age, including the elderly and those with low vision. The impressive diagonal of the liquid crystal screen: 3.5 inches serves a good purpose! There are only three lines for numbers, and the numbers are gigantic. If this is not enough, then a soft female voice from the side speaker will read the measurement results in Russian. The voice volume is adjustable.

The screen displays the results of measurements of systolic and diastolic pressure, pulse and arrhythmia indicator. Based on the specification, the accuracy of the monitor is comparable to that of medical devices. The declared error is only up to 2% when measuring pressure and up to 5% when measuring heart rate.

There are three buttons under the display: the first one is needed to scroll through the history of measurements, and the next two switch users. There are two of them, “blue” and “red”.

The monitor is easy to use, just one button press to measure. The device is also set up quickly – thanks to the clear step-by-step instructions in the application.

How it works

The Picooc X1 Pro monitor measures blood pressure and pulse. The device can work without an application and the Internet: it writes data to its own memory – there are 99 slots for each of 2 users.

The application stores an unlimited number of records. Just link the red or blue button to your Picooc account. The second button is for another family member.

By the way, to download the application, you can scan the QR code directly on the monitor.

Installation is simple: you only need a smartphone, a device and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Add a new device in the application and press the “next” button all the way. If you haven’t had time yet, we register along the way. Then the smartphone can be removed: the smart monitor will directly connect to the cloud and send measurement data there at the press of one button on the device.

The Picooc app calculates the pulse pressure and analyzes the data. It generates a separate report for each dimension, which is automatically sent to the correct user. It includes diastolic, systolic, pulse pressure and pulse. The application automatically calculates the average value over several measurements taken in a row within 5 minutes. If desired, the function can be disabled.

The system analyzes pressure according to the scale of the World Health Organization. Along with the report, graphs and analysis are generated for a selected period of time – 7, 30, 90 days, and a text explanation. It includes advice on what to do to stay healthy (walking and exercising more). If some indicators are outside the norm, the application will definitely indicate them and recommend not postponing the appointment with the doctor.

In the early morning, before the first cup of coffee, you can measure your pressure and not get stuck in your phone. Then – go to work (for example, in the next room at the computer, glory to the miracles of the remote). The new entry will wait in the wings in the application.

A smartphone will come in handy so as not to miss a scheduled measurement. Set up regular notifications and Picooc will send you a push reminder.

Life hack: Since the X1 Pro monitor sends data via Wi-Fi, it can be used to directly monitor the health status of parents and elderly relatives. Connect the gadget to your smartphone. As long as your relatives have Wi-Fi, all measurement data will come to you along with notifications. Mom will see the data on the device, you – in the phone. Micromanagement like Starcraft!

We believe that in the future our body will be measured to the last cell, and our health will be calculated for decades ahead based on DNA analysis. The Picooc X1 Pro smart monitor is a guest from a wonderful distance, where even an ordinary device understands the things that it measures. In Russia, the gadget has not yet received the status of a medical device. The certification procedure is scheduled for 2021.

Picooc gadgets know a lot: smart scales work in the same application as the monitor. That is, all the most important indicators of your health will be in one place. Conveniently!

You can purchase Picooc X1 Pro smart blood pressure monitor in Madrobots online store. For Habr’s readers until December 27 20% discount with promo code HEART20… The price of the device will be RUB 4,990 RUB 3,992

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