PHP Mitap in Ivanovo

Hello, Habr!
We are pleased to announce that this Saturday in the office of Involta mitap on the topic of: “PHP: Wrong way. Why it is important to know the native PHP tools today. Rambler’s personal experience. ”

As already clear from the topic, at the meeting we will talk about PHP.
Today we live in a situation where the programming languages ​​themselves are not very popular, but their various frameworks tailored to perform certain functions. It is clear that for an ordinary developer it is easier to use a suitable framework for the quick execution of tasks than to invent a “bicycle” in pure, for example, PHP. However, to work on more complex projects, knowledge of the basic syntax is vital.

At the meeting we will talk about important aspects of the existence of the PHP language today, about the benefits of working with clean code and frameworks.

Speaker will speak Kirill Nesmeyanov – Development Engineer, AdTech, Rambler & Co. Representative of the Russian Community Laravel Framework, evangelist of GraphQL and developer of Railt GraphQL Framework. He is a member of the Program Committee of a professional conference for PHP developers “PHP Russia”.

Briefly about the speaker's report:

The report will deal with typical problems of “overengineering” and “bicycle building”.
Technologies that are argued in some tasks, and in others – only do much harm.
How to choose the path that suits the task and how to develop your developer experience.
Interactive with questions.

Important: at the meeting we will play a special prize from the speaker – an invitation ticket to the best PHP conference in Russia – “PHP Russia”, which will be held May 17 in Moscow.
Register for mitap and come to us, it will be interesting!

Mitap will be useful to developers, IT students and everyone for whom programming is part of life.

Details on our website and in social networks.

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