PHP framework of domestic development

Friends, an example to all. My name is Max and I would like to introduce you to IsEngine framework.

This is a new domestic development framework for simple and fast creation of web applications.

I have been developing it for the last 5 years. Now I’m preparing it for release, and therefore I’m starting to promote it.

About bicycles and what isEngine is

To understand any product, any system in general, you need to understand what tasks it solves. And here the very first and most important question is for whom it was created. For programmers? Developers? Or for ordinary people (I mean not specialists in the web).

I position isEngine as a developer-for-dev framework. I have been familiar with the web for a long time in general, I started creating the first sites in 2002, when I had just entered a technical school. This is probably a common story for many. Now directly in development, since 2017.

Here I want to pay attention to the fact that when you create a website for yourself… It doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or by hiring a contractor, in the end you will use it later, and in the end it is your acquisition. So, when you do this for yourself, you try to use the most advanced technology, and this is the most reasonable thing. But when you represent a studio that develops a large number of projects, and then serves some of them (if not all), the situation appears in a completely different light.

And the service, I want to note, does not bring as much money as the development itself, and takes time, well, almost the same. And time is another important resource. You need to understand that time is limited, and there is a “ceiling” of projects that one person can physically serve.

And here you are already looking not at what technologies are in the top, but at how quickly you can implement them, how “friendly” they are with each other and how painlessly they can be updated.

Of course, the possibilities of one or another solution still play a big role. But if for yourself you can neglect some shortcomings, then in choosing solutions for the customer it is always a compromise between what is needed now and what will be in the future. And although there are many solutions on the market, most of them do not differ much from each other.

Pros and what isEngine might interest you

isEngine automates many processes. For example, redirects from “www” to “without www”, from “http” to “https” and vice versa without the need to get into the server config. It generates “robots” and “sitemap” on the fly on request.

Widely configurable router. For example, you can set a required extension for leaf pages, use or disable index pages. This is useful if you want to update the site, but it is important to leave all the accumulated “link mass”.

The template engine has great potential. For example, you can create several admin panels, a personal account, private sections, and so on. You can move some template elements into blocks and use them between templates.

There is an implementation of the API, and in three ways: as a designation of a part of the path, as a number for a part of the path, or to make the entire server only for the API. And of course you can turn it off completely.

What else? There is auto-generation of SEO, various menus.

About domestic developments

Since this is our Russian development, I am very attentive to Cyrillic support in particular and multilingual support in general. So, out of the box, isEngine comes with very simple and easily customizable multilingualism. It seems to me that this will be useful not only for us, but also in other countries, especially where the Latin alphabet is not used.

In my opinion, all cool developments developed naturally. They won the market because they were cool, comfortable and people liked them.

I have heard a lot about the fact that in our country domestic projects are received poorly. But it’s not. There are many examples of web development, I will not name them here, which are in demand with us. They are being used. And not because “the party ordered”, but because people really like them.

Of course, I want isEngine to be used too. So that a Russian-speaking community is formed around him, if not large, but friendly. To do this, you need to draw attention to the project. Documentation is being written, training videos are being prepared, live broadcasts will be held.

Here we are on our next project. It has its own, internal, complexity. And we choose a framework.

And frameworks are needed in order to simplify our lives, free us from writing the same type of code. But as they develop, the code base grows and they start to bring their share of complexity to the project.

So we are in two situations. Insufficiency option, when the framework is not enough to cover the internal complexity. And then we will have to either modify it or connect additional tools. And the second option is the option of redundancy. When the functionality we need overlaps, but the rest hangs as a “dead weight”, and this is an unnecessary waste of resources.

Well, maybe I’ll blow it. But in reality such situations are everywhere. The question is how critical it is.

More about the pros and how isEngine can be useful to you

I designed isEngine with the tools in mind to get the most out of it.

For example, you can use it as a library in your project. And there is such a modular system, where classes are grouped by functionality. Don’t need to work with databases – don’t include this class. Helpers are needed – take only helpers.

The library and core are isolated. You can extend the existing framework core, you can write your own. You can extend the functionality of existing classes, you can create your own components using inheritance. You can create your own helpers.

To customize the system – just an unlimited number of possibilities.

I paid special attention to installation and updating. Firstly, so that they happen as simply, quickly and painlessly as possible for the user. Secondly, so that any update cannot tear down all the add-ons that you have made.

About cons

For some reason, there was an opinion that using domestic, you almost always get a product of lower quality than a foreign counterpart. I won’t go into the reasons now. Here I want to say what is wrong with me, that everything is fine here! But the truth is that isEngine is not without flaws. I’m working on making it perfect. But you can’t do everything at once, and you can’t do everything alone either.

So in my case, this is a consequence of the fact that I am doing the framework alone, without support.

I try to be objective.

About support

Now I’m starting to work on the release. Before that, you need to comb the documentation. Again, for myself, because I often use it myself. And make a roadmap. Everything will be written about plans for the near future.

For isEngine to develop successfully, it must be used. I, in turn, try to make it as useful as possible.

If you want to help the framework, start using it in your projects.

Subscribe to our channels, join our groups. Links to them are below. Comment, ask questions.

I’m waiting for you in the ranks of the community.

Thank you.


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