Perfect algorithm. Basics

Book “Perfect Algorithm. Fundamentals” Tim Roughgarden’s first in a series of four books of roughly the same size. In sum, they roughly correspond to the oft-quoted classic “Algorithms. Construction and analysis”.

And indeed, the first book is read quite quickly. But this is not only because it is small, but also due to the fact that it is written in a rather lively, interesting language. In fact, this is a series of lectures. Not a guide. Not a solution directory. Not an academic work. Namely, lectures that are interesting to read.

There is no deliberate foolishness and childishness here, as in “Groaking Algorithms”. At the same time, there are very detailed explanations of the above algorithms and their characteristics. For example, 40 pages are allotted for QuickSort analysis:

By the way, the test tasks are quite interesting. Thinking about them is a pleasure. For many of them detailed explanations are given. And you can either check yourself, or get another explanation of what is not fully understood.

Yes, there are no 100,500 sorts here, and this is not a catalog at all. But if, for example, reading whip – this is Labor, then “Perfect Algorithm. Fundamentals” is just an interesting and fascinating read.

The title can be found at publisher’s website.

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