Participation in testing Incentivized Testnet – a global decentralized multi-agent system

Especially for the start of the course Machine Learning In this material, we acquaint Habr’s readers with – a decentralized platform for optimizing existing technologies using artificial intelligence, machine learning and intelligent data exchange. The platform can be used to create an agent, for example, a program that recommends when to take the train based on real circumstances. Another example is an agent that controls electricity consumption. Details about itself, the dates of testing the agent network, a list of startup partners (which includes the University of Cambridge) and links to resources, including the GitHub repository, are under the cut.

Mission – create the infrastructure necessary for autonomous software agents to unlock the value of seemingly useless data and to organize the execution of complex tasks for the benefit of individuals, enterprises and organizations.

This goal is achieved by forming a connecting layer using a decentralized network with software tools of the Open Source world, so that anyone is given access to the power of artificial intelligence, along with a secure world-wide dataset, to perform complex coordination in the modern economy.

Partnership Progress – Where Are We Today?

Our long-term goal is to develop and implement useful applications for our technology. To achieve this goal, we needed to collaborate with organizations that share our views. Just last week we announced a partnership with Datarella, in cooperation with which we plan to build a decentralized machine learning network with open access for intelligent infrastructure. In particular, the goal of this partnership is focused on the now expanding smart parking, smart mobility and smart city infrastructure built using artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of things. Key benefits of this collaboration include reduced CO2 emissions, traffic congestion and tackling climate change. But our partnership with Datarella is not the only thing we’ve announced in the past to change the way we think about technology in everyday life. Check out the full list of all our partnerships we have already confirmed:

Cambridge University, T-Labs, Baştuğ Metallurgy, Warwick Business School, Wi-Q technologies, Hegic, Conflux Network, Waves, Ankr, Gray Swan Digital, Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), Sovrin Steward, Smart Dubai with Outlier Ventures, Trusted IoT Alliance, Blockchain 4 Europe.

Why would a developer need it?

A million dollar question, right? Why would you join this as a developer? Today we are largely invisible, not because we want to remain invisible, but because we want to keep the discussion going.

We do not promise the world a utopia, but we want to make the world a better place by laying the foundations of the digital economy. An interconnected, democratized economy in which you control your data and directly benefit from it. We started the Incentivized Testnet program, where today we create and test real autonomous agents aimed at solving a variety of problems.

Now let’s dive into the topic. We simply call true autonomous agents or digital representatives “agents.” Agents are personalized programs that act autonomously on your behalf to do their job. The agent can be a program for ordering pizza or an application for finding the time when you should board the train, taking into account, for example, delays.

But we want to go further. Our goal is to launch Mainnet v2.0 early next year, and in order to stay on track, we have split the development schedule into different phases. We are now in the first phase of the Incentivized Testnet program, where Agent World 2 is up and running. If you have not yet joined the Incentivized Testnet program, you can do so. here

Where have we been anyway? We are testing Agent World 2 Testnet, in which we create “agents” to help solve problems more serious than ordering pizza. After partnering with Datarella, we want to use our agents to address current mobility and climate change challenges.

Keep in mind that agents must comply with the rules FIPA (Intelligent Physical Agents Foundation) to negotiate and close deals, and we will create buying agents to track the information delivered. After completing Agent World 2, you will have a real agent selling real data, seeking and discovering it using the Simple Open Economic Framework (SOEF) – in the digital world of If you’re wondering what SOEF means:

OEF is the search, discovery and transaction protocol for the Fetch network. Imagine three levels:

Agents are software, bots, applications created by users that find each other through the OEF. OEF, in turn, is a communication protocol for bots using accounting log as a means to settle and complete transactions.

I am logged in. What’s next?

On November 20, we launched the creation of a large network of interacting agents, or, as we like to call it, – Agent World 3. The final phase of the first phase of the Incentivized Testnet – Agent World 3 (AW-3) program is scheduled to begin this Friday, it will last until December 4. If you would like to be part of the development team and help us create something important in the blockchain ecosystem with cutting edge AI and IoT solutions, please send us an email at and join us at Discord… Don’t forget to check out our developer repository at


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