Parallels Introduces Parallels Access 6 and Parallels Toolbox 4 for Windows and Mac

The Parallels team unveiled Parallels Toolbox 4 for Windows and Mac and Parallels Access 6 for Windows and Mac, which simplify the work of remote workers and help troubleshoot a remote computer with easy and secure remote access.

Parallels Access 6 for Windows and Mac frees up users’ work time, allowing them to be productive anywhere with remote access and the ability to connect to five PCs or Macs from an unlimited number of iOS and Android devices or HTML5 browsers.

In addition, the developers offer a flexible Parallels Access for Business subscription plan that gives IT administrators the ability to create and manage unlimited users and concurrent user licenses, giving employees access to the computer from an unlimited number of mobile devices and from HTML5-enabled browsers. …

To work with full-featured Windows and macOS apps and files, you can use familiar iPhone, iPad, and Android gestures to successfully complete work tasks and share files securely without sending them to the cloud.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, unpredictable demands for self-isolation and social distancing have made it especially important for remote workers to have simple, easy-to-use solutions to make their work on any device more productive – when it comes to technical support specialists in IT industry, employees and friends are unlikely to be around to help solve emerging problems“, – says Nikolay Dobrovolsky, senior vice president of Parallels

New Tools Available in Parallels Access 6

PERSONAL ASSISTANCE. You can easily help your family and friends fix problems with their PC or Mac without having to be there or even explaining what to do. They just need to download and install Parallels Access on their PC or Mac. You will need to launch Parallels Access on your device to create and send a link to the Personal Help tool. By clicking on the link, you will gain access to the user’s computer and will be able to solve the problem regardless of location – and no complicated procedures with passwords!

SUPPORTS MOUSE, TRACKPAD AND BLUETOOTH GESTURES for devices with iPadOS 13.4 or later: Gestures now work even when connected to a computer remotely! When a mouse or trackpad is detected, the cursor takes on the appearance of a native cursor depending on the content on the screen – for example, an arrow, index finger, or I-shaped cursor, which makes the user more comfortable to work.

SUPPORT ONEDRIVE AND GOOGLE DRIVE IN ANDROID. Accessing cloud storage in the Parallels Access File Manager provides the ultimate in file sharing convenience.


New Tools in Parallels Toolbox 4

Parallels Toolbox is a comprehensive package solution that includes utilities to help Windows and Mac users save time. It offers useful, click-to-use tools to make it easier to monitor your computer’s health, convenience, and performance. The following new Parallels Toolbox 4 tools have been added to a collection of over 30 tools.

BREAK TIME (Windows and Mac). To protect yourself from fatigue and increase your productivity, schedule breaks and set up automatic reminders so you don’t forget to take a break. In the program settings, you can specify how often you need a break, as well as set its duration. When it’s time for a break, you will be reminded accordingly. The break time is considered the period during which you are not using your computer keyboard and mouse. Watch this video demonstrating the Break Time tool.

UNIT OF MEASUREMENT CONVERTER (Windows and Mac). To convert units of measure and currency, you can simply enter a value (for example, “73 F”) to see the available conversion results, which will be displayed immediately after you complete your query. Watch this video demonstrating the Unit Converter tool.

ADVANCED SEARCH (Windows and Mac). Find the tool you need quickly using the Advanced Search tool, which supports hundreds of additional keywords. The tool is available in the upper left corner of the Parallels Toolbox menu.

TOP WINDOW (Windows). Dock the window of the app you use most often on top of other open apps for instant access at all times and for increased productivity. Most Windows applications do not have the ability to dock on top of other windows — that is, until today. Just open the Window Top tool in Parallels Toolbox and select the window you want. It will always be displayed on top of other windows for instant access to it.

WINDOW CONTROLLER (Mac). The Window Manager tool lets you quickly and easily adjust the preset size and position of the application window on your Mac. Just drag the window to the edge of the screen and it will automatically resize to fit half of the screen, a third or a quarter. Watch this video demonstrating the Window Manager tool.

SHOW DESKTOP (Mac). Clean up your work area with one click! Customize the display of the desktop using the “Hide Applications” or “Close Applications” command. Activating the Show Desktop tool minimizes all open windows or exits all applications visible in the Mac Dock. For quick access to a hidden application, simply select it in the Mac Dock. Watch this video demonstrating the Desktop command.

CLOSE APPS (Windows). Clean your desktop instantly by closing all applications and windows with one click, instead of wasting time manually closing each one. The tool’s settings allow users to close, minimize, hide, or force quit the application. Please note that if you force quit the application, all unsaved data will be lost.

The most popular Parallels Toolbox tools are available with one click: Download Video, Save Energy, Clipboard History, Clean Up Disk, Free Up Memory, Presentation Mode, Freeze Area, Hide Desktop Table, Checkout, Hidden Files, Remove Applications, and more. For more information on the full set of one-click tools and demo videos, visit

Availability and prices

Free fully functional trials Parallels Toolbox 4 for Windows and Mac are available as separate products only at today. The cost of an annual subscription for each product is RUB 1150. The annual license also includes free updates to new and improved tools for the duration of the subscription.

Free fully functional trials Parallels Access 6 for Windows and Mac are available at, Google Play and the App Store. After the free trial expires, you can purchase a 1-year subscription for RUB 1150.

A flexible annual business subscription plan is also offered. It allows IT administrators to create an unlimited number of users, each of whom can simultaneously use one to five user licenses from an unlimited number of mobile devices or from HTML5 web browsers.

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