Pan or proppant. Rosneft intrigues programmers

This fall, Rosneft is organizing an open marathon of IT competitions for programmers. The marathon will run from September to November. The magic number of this event is 3: 3 competitions, 3 problems, 3 winners in each of the contests and 3 prize pools.

So, in our “menu” for gourmets of Habr: “Hackathon of three cities” on machine learning, Hackathon for robotics programmers and Rosneft Proppant Check Challenge. There is enough machine learning, robots and proppant for everyone!

IT fraternity who has reached the age of majority (18+) can become participants in the IT marathon. We put on students of technical universities, graduate students, young specialists and others like them. Registration for the competition is already in full swing at website


In order. “Hackathon of Three Cities” on machine learning will be held on September 24-25 simultaneously in three cities: Ufa, Kazan and Samara. Our talented youth will have to develop an algorithm for building a path of movement on a complex surface. Similar problems arise in many applications related to geology, seismic exploration, pipeline transport and oil refining. The prize for the most efficient and high-quality solution is 289,000 rubles *.

Hackathon for robotics programmers will be held on October 16-17 in Ufa on the basis of the USATU. The challenge implies technical creativity: it is necessary to develop a robotic solution to perform an operation related to the current production activity for the maintenance of technological equipment. At the same time, we will equip the participants with a real robotic arm and a hardworking 3D printer. The prize fund for robot lovers is 139,000 rubles *.


The final event of the IT marathon will be an international competition Rosneft Proppant Check Challenge, which starts in September for both experienced IT professionals and beginners (not only from Russia, but also outside our vast country). The task is very serious: determining the distribution of linear grain sizes proppant by a series of photographs. Ideally, get a unique algorithm for determining the characteristics of the proppant from a photograph without any laboratory research. Naturally, the goal is not to replace research as such, but in the foreseeable future, the implemented algorithm can be used as an “online” method for checking the quality of proppant on production lines, which will increase the level of quality control of products. Here you have to give your best. But the prize fund is quite worthy – 1,142,000 rubles *.
* Before taxes

The final of the IT marathon will take place on November 28 (preliminary date) in Moscow, where the results of the Rosneft Proppant Check Challenge will be summed up, and where we will invite the winners of all three hackathons.

Those who will definitely not be in the Rosneft marathon are losers: participation in a large-scale event of the oil leader will allow young and ambitious IT specialists to assess their opportunities in the market, add weight to their resume, become applicants for future vacancies and find like-minded people to exchange knowledge and joint projects … “Digital fields”, robotics, software, 3D technologies, artificial intelligence – all this, of course, may not be in itself. A new reality, including for oil and gas, is being created by unique people with their unique brains. To attract the attention of these geniuses, it is necessary to interest and involve them in solving really important problems, which will subsequently be implemented in practice.

Rosneft’s IT marathon is not a social event for IT professionals and is not a vanity fair. It is a working tool for obtaining the best ideas and algorithms needed to improve the existing high technology software of an oil company.


For example, the approaches of the winners of last year’s Rosneft Seismic Challenge have already been prepared as a pilot version for industrial implementation in the seismic part of Rosneft’s corporate software. This software will allow automating a huge number of manual operations of seismic data interpreters, which means that we will be able to use intellectual resources more efficiently, since there will be more time to analyze and understand the features of the geological structure of the seismic survey object, which is not yet available to machines.

By the way, if you missed last year’s seismic extravaganza of Rosneft, then link video from the final of the Rosneft Seismic Challenge.

Running an IT competition marathon is not an end in itself. Rosneft considers digitalization and the development of IT technologies not only as a strategic opportunity to increase the economic efficiency of production, but also as a “point of contact” between the Company’s goals and the interests of the Russian IT community in the field of artificial intelligence and robotization of production. And only the attraction of highly qualified personnel of a narrowly professional sphere to cooperation can give the oil industry an impetus to modernize production.

We need specialists with non-standard thinking, capable of solving serious and non-standard tasks. Are you exactly like that? Then run to us.


PS This link is a source of inspiration for future IT marathon participants – video wishes finalists of last year’s Rosneft Seismic Challenge

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