P2P project Utopia offers a secure and decentralized Internet space

The keys to encrypted data are available only to those participants in the exchange of information who have added each other to the contact list, thus exchanging keys. The cryptography used in the system works with the public key Ed25519.

An important point is that every 15 minutes all network members who support it receive a reward for this. Support is downloaded in the installation of a specialized UAM application, which will install on any Linux server with a minimum number of RAM and cores – 4 GB and 4 cores, respectively.

At the moment, there are several tens of thousands of such nodes, which reduces to zero the possibility of gaining access to internal information from the outside.

Ecosystem modules

In general, the ecosystem is quite extensive, it consists of several modules that allow users to find everything they need. Namely – messenger, mail, file sharing, internal crypto exchange, wallet and a few more elements.

As for identification, the only thing the user needs is to come up with a strong password. Well, inside the ecosystem, if you wish, you can create an alias for yourself – other users must somehow contact the user. But when logging in, you only need to enter a password.

Well, now – about the modules.


At the moment, Protonmail is considered one of the most secure email services in the world, the creators of which put the protection of user data at the forefront. They repeatedly refused to give the authorities information about users, promising not to open access to data under any circumstances. But, probably, there is no 100% guarantee of this, if it is good to “press”, then the creators of the service may not be able to withstand the pressure.

But in the case of a fully decentralized email service, there is no such threat. And there is such a service, it is offered by Utopia P2P. The difference between the module and the usual “electronics” is that servers are not needed to store user data. Moreover, no additional software is required.

And yes, mail is free. Of course, the interface is somewhat different from the usual electronics, but the basic principles of operation are similar.

The developers give a guarantee that there is no subscription fee for the address, plus it itself is stored for an unlimited amount of time. Well, the possibilities of mail are the same as those of regular mail, including the ability to filter messages, forward messages and files, etc.

File storage

Data, as mentioned above, is generated daily a huge amount. And files, both personal and corporate, need to be stored somewhere. Most storage locations are vulnerable to attackers. You can, of course, use some serious corporate solutions, but they are quite expensive, plus there is still no guarantee of data safety.

Utopia solved the problem in the following way – the application saves the encrypted container on the user’s device. It stores the most important data. The container is protected by three-level cryptography. Now it is almost impossible to hack this. Well, no data (i.e. encryption keys, etc.) is transmitted from the user device.


There is also instant messaging, as without it. Everything is normal here, there are functions for sending messages, files, videos, etc. The usual emoji are also in place. If necessary, it is possible to create group chats for any number of participants. But two interlocutors can also communicate.

If the user needs, he can create a channel with custom privacy settings. There are also communities, which is also important.

Crypto wallet

There is also a means for making payments, only the wallet is not fiat, but cryptocurrency, it works with the Crypton cryptocurrency. The main functions are ordinary – it is the reception and transmission of funds. Well, you can also store them in your wallet. But there is a difference – the wallet cannot be blocked, a third party cannot find out its balance, it also has no access to transaction data, both the amount and the participants.

And one more thing – you can order a crypto card, which serves as an analogue of a regular bank card. If necessary, the card can be used as a payment instrument with flexible settings. You can pay both inside the ecosystem and outside it.

Utopia P2P for Developers

The system is quite flexible, the developers claim that it is easy to connect to different projects, or simply use it to accept payments, as well as purchases online. You can use the project as a replacement for Tor, as well as a secure replacement for DNS, using a decentralized UNS name resolution system.

In general, the system is designed for users for whom it is extremely important to maintain confidentiality, and also not to provide personal data to corporations. At the same time, there are all (well, or most) modules inside, which serve as an analogue of the services familiar to all of us, which, however, have not been safe for a long time. If you have already encountered Utopia, then tell us about your experience in more detail in the comments, we will discuss.

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  1. I use the Utopia ecosystem. I chose it precisely because it is a unique decentralized web 3.0 ecosystem. I am for security and anonymity.

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