Overview of RangeVision Pro Series 3D Scanners

Hello! In this short article, Top 3D Shop introduces readers to the Russian RangeVision Pro Series 3D scanners, which work with high speed and detail. More details, with photos and videos – read the article.

Principle of operation

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Equipment created on the basis of structured light technology works as follows:

A monochrome pattern is projected onto the surface of the object, where it is distorted by the shape of the part. The 3D device reads the information captured by the cameras and calculates the coordinates of the product points in space, based on the distortion of the reference shape.

When scanning very dark, shiny or transparent objects, they are coated with a matte bright substance.

Products Rangevision

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RangeVision has been producing digital scanners based on structured backlight technology since 2007. The company quickly gained popularity due to its high-precision measurements, reasonable price-quality ratio, and clear equipment interface.

The CEO, founder of the company, Yuri Chaykin, emphasizes that users have the opportunity to choose models based on the tasks and the desired result. Accurate calibration at the factory is the key to high processing results.

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Assortment row Rangevision represented by several lines.

Series RangeVision Pro

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Universal devices are designed to scan objects whose size ranges from less than 3 centimeters to more than 1 meter. The opportunity is realized thanks to interchangeable lenses and the function of selecting the scanning zone. The devices of the line differ in the resolution parameters of the matrices of digital cameras. Read more about RangeVision Pro.

Series RangeVision Spectrum

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Professional 3D desktop scanners equipped with 3.1 megapixel cameras. Learn more about RangeVision Spectrum.

Series RangeVision Neo

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Compact equipment weighing 1 kg for beginners in the field of creating three-dimensional models and education. The package includes a tripod, turntable, software. The power source for 3D scanners is a computer. Read exact specifications RangeVision Neo.

Read more about RangeVision Pro Base and Pro

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Devices of the Pro line are in demand in various fields: reverse engineering, in production, for quality control, in the design and jewelry industry, in art, as well as for scientific and educational purposes. A feature of the line is the high-speed digitization of any product, including parts with complex geometry.

Processing accuracy up to 0.018 mm is provided by 2 cameras:

  • Model Pro, which replaced Pro 5M with a camera of 6 megapixels;
  • Model Pro base, replacing the Pro 2M, with a 3 megapixel camera.


Contents of delivery

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Basic equipment

  • Two-chamber 3D-scanner with LCD-projector;
  • A set of optics for various areas of the device;
  • Durable plastic case;
  • Markers for scanned items;
  • Spray for matting shiny, dark and transparent surfaces;
  • Digital key to the License (key loss implies the release of a new one and blocking of the old one);
  • A computer with RangeVision proprietary software for organizing a workflow, primary processing of scan results, building a model from ready-made elements;
  • Cords for network and interface connections;
  • Tripod.

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Automatic turntable

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Used to automate work with objects up to 20 kilograms (TS rotary table with a diameter of 20 cm) and up to 60 kilograms (TL rotary table with a diameter of 230 cm). The turntable is connected to the computer via a USB channel, as well as to a network source with a voltage in the range from 110 to 220 V.

Protective case

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Designed for stronger equipment protection (in comparison with a standard case) and comfort during movements.


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According to RangeVision, ScanCenter is designed to digitize and process received information. The entire model range of devices uses one version of the program with the same set of functions. The license agreement is not tied to a specific device, has no time limit. Updates are downloaded from the Internet for any models of the manufacturer. ScanCenter develops its own algorithms for capturing data and creating volumetric models. The software uploads data to all formats that are widely used in design.

The installation wizard calibrates the device, experience with similar devices is not required. The scanner works in three modes:

  • in free mode;
  • using markers;
  • on the turntable.

ScanCenter offers a white balance function to preserve the color and texture of an object when using processing results. The function of working with double exposure is implemented.

Camera resolution modes allow you to choose a priority task: work with increased detail, or with increased speed. The option is in demand, especially when digitizing large-sized and smooth objects, such as car bodies. The photogrammetry function is responsible for the high speed and accuracy of the surface treatment of large parts.

Sophisticated software makes it easier to work with accepted information:

  • The option of filling in the gaps and selecting the scale for the final assembly of the model;
  • Automatic and manual modes of processing digital information, including auto-removal of the substrate;
  • With a small amount of RAM on the computer, the auto visualization simplification function is used;
  • Three-point (manual), geometric or marker (automatic) image alignment modes.

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Comparison with Shining 3D EinScan-SP

Analysis of the technical parameters of RangeVision PRO Base compared to the inexpensive EinScan-SP scanner of the Chinese manufacturer Shining 3D.

The RangeVision PRO Base engineering scanner for professional use has several obvious advantages over the Chinese device. An undoubted advantage of the Russian device is operational technical support, after-sales service and a guarantee.

Examples of using

Pro and Spectrumdigitization of historical monuments in Laboratory “Digital”

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At the Institute of Ethnography and Archeology, RangeVision 3D scanners are used to create three-dimensional models of ancient objects of cultural heritage, to provide remote access to them and further study.

Laboratory staff created several hundred images of ancient artifacts. Objects can be printed on a 3D printer or shared by email for peer review.

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Pavel Chistyakov, a researcher at the laboratory, explains the scanning algorithm: the projector directs a moving light grid to the part, a 3D scanner processes grid distortions and calculates the model parameters. Shooting accuracy up to 0.04 mm.

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Procontrols quality at a shipyard “Red Sormovo”

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According to the results of the research, the specialists of the plant in Nizhny Novgorod concluded that the use of 3D scanning technology at the stage of quality control of manufactured cast parts is more effective than the previously used methods.

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Pro base, reverse engineering bracket, specialists “RangeVision”

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The manufacturer’s laboratory received an order: to manufacture a 3D prototype of a stamped bracket from steel 0.3 * 0.1 * 0.9 m of complex geometric shape. It took about 6 hours to digitize the object, and post-processing and model creation took about 4 hours.

Source: rangevision.com

The complexity of the task was that the part was deformed, it was necessary for specialists to recreate the original appearance of the bracket. To exclude distortions in the created prototype, the company’s engineers analyzed the warpage of the object.

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Source: rangevision.com

The Russian RangeVision Company is an excellent example of domestic high-tech production. Starting in 2007, by 2020 the company has 50 dealers in various countries of the world and annually increases sales. RangeVision does not stop there, expanding its supply to Asia. The scope of RangeVision 3D equipment is industrial production, the field of art and architecture, automotive design.

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