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In the laboratory, we are testing LED lamps with a 6 W E14 base in the shape of a candle and a ball. Samples were provided by the official distributor of Spectrum LED trademark in Russia by LLC TSC Teplomarket. Bulbs imported from Europe.


LED lamp Spectrum LED with cap E14 belong to the middle price range. In retail, 78 rubles are sold, in connection with the start of sales, the price is reduced by 30% to 60 rubles.

The table shows the characteristics declared by the manufacturer.

Parameter 6W Ball
WOJ + 13022
6W Candle
WOJ + 13026
Light flow 480lm 480lm
Nutrition 220-230V 220-230V
Colour temperature 3000K 3000K
Glow angle 160 ° 160 °
CRI color rendering index > 80 > 80
Life time 17,000 hours
Medium temperature -20 ° to + 40 °
Price 60rub
Warranty 2 years

A feature of LED bulbs with E14 socket is a power limit of not more than 8 watts. This must be taken into account when designing lighting, otherwise you will have to use E14 to E27 adapters, which will allow you to install powerful lamps.

About Brand

In 2019, LED bulbs of the Spectrum LED trademark, which belongs to the Polish company Wojnarowscy, first appeared in Russia. The company started in 1990 as a supplier of lighting equipment for factories, railways, mines and medical institutions. The products undergo two-stage quality control, the first stage is carried out by the company’s specialists at the manufacturing plants, and each batch is re-checked in its own laboratory in Poland.


List of used devices:

  1. thermal imager: Seek Thermal Compact PRO
  2. Photometric Scope: SpectraLight DiY-05
  3. power meter: Robiton PM-3M
  4. spectrometer: UPRtek MK350
  5. Light meter: Radex Lupin

All devices are tested and configured in certified lighting and electrical laboratories.

power usage

The power measurement results are presented in the table. The measured energy consumption is lower than declared by 7.5% and 9%, which is undoubtedly a plus. But it is necessary to take into account a small variation in parameters during production, on average, 6 watts may be declared.

6W Ball 6W Candle
power usage 5.44w 5.55w

Light flow

Preliminarily, the samples are heated for 90 minutes. During this time, the luminous flux will decrease slightly due to the features of the LEDs.

Lamp Claimed Measured
6W Ball 480lm 600lm
6W Candle 480lm 570lm

The actual luminous flux in a stable mode after heating turned out to be significantly higher than that indicated in the characteristics. For a diode lamp in the form of a ball, the luminous flux is higher by 25%, for a candle higher by 19%.


To cool the LEDs, the lamp housing is used as a radiator. It is made of aluminum coated with thermally conductive plastic.

6W Ball 6W Candle
LEDs 96 ° 84 °
Housing 99 ° 80 °

A good result is the temperature of the LEDs not more than 100 degrees, at which they will work in a gentle mode.

The maximum heating temperature of modern LEDs used in conventional lamps is 120-125 degrees. In the specifications of the highest quality LEDs, the maximum heating temperature is in the range of 140-150 degrees.

The LEDs of the Spectrum LED bulbs during testing showed a temperature of 80 to 96 degrees, that is, they work in a comfortable temperature range, which means we can expect a long service life.

Color rendering

The color temperature of the samples is 3000K, which corresponds to warm white light. For conventional incandescent lamps 2700K-2900K. The measurement results showed that the color rendering of E14 LED lamps is 81 Ra. According to the regulations for residential premises, the color rendering must be at least 80 units. If below 80, then such bulbs are installed in non-residential and utility rooms, stairwells.

6W Ball 6W Candle
Color temperature 2998K 2983K
Color rendering 81 81.2


The packaging is made of glossy cardboard, pictograms and generally accepted signs are used to indicate characteristics, explanations are provided in all European languages.


The measurement results showed:

  • energy consumption is lower than declared by 7.5% and 9%, which is a plus;
  • LED temperature below recommended 100 ° C, which promises a long service life;
  • warranty replacement for 2 years;
  • luminous flux higher than declared by 19-25%;
  • color rendition is suitable for use in residential premises.

Where could I buy?

You can buy Spectrum LED lamps with E14 base in the Yandex Market and in the online store of the official distributor of TSC Teplomarket LLC, which provided the samples.

Links to lamp E14 ball and E14 candle.

Author: Sergey Kazantsev

Samples tested in the lighting laboratory, official site led-obzor.ru

I have been working since 2015. I’m testing LED lamps for the home, LED strips, lamps, spotlights. I am testing GOST automotive LED lamps, halogen and xenon, fog lights, daytime running lights, LED lenses. I use low-beam headlights, xenon and halogen lenses, fog lights.

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