Overview of DECT tubes Snom M25, M65 and M85

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As you probably remember, our last review was devoted to the Snom M700 microcellular DECT system. Today’s review focuses on the tubes that work with this system, namely the M85, M65 and M25 models.

Microcellular DECT system. Synchronization.

Let’s start traditionally with an analysis of some features of the DECT microcellular systems. Today we offer you to consider the topic of synchronization, the correct setting of which is extremely important for the operation of the handover, which we told you about earlier. For this function to work, the following conditions must be met:

  • Sufficient signal strength between bases
  • Configured synchronization between them

If with the first everything is more or less clear: we place the bases close enough to each other and take into account the attenuation from the walls and get a satisfactory signal level in the coverage area of ​​the system, then with the second everything is a little more complicated.
Synchronization of base stations implies the establishment of communication between all stations located in the same segment of the microcellular network. Base stations are synchronized using a radio signal, “over the air”, therefore, a segment, or a cluster, is a part of a microcellular system that is isolated from other parts in terms of a radio signal. Having N bases, which are a cluster, we begin to set up synchronization. Synchronization is distributed across levels. Each cluster will contain one base of the 1st level and bases of lower levels diverging from it. First of all, we assign the base of the 1st level, trying to locate it, physically, in the center of your cluster. The nearest bases to it get level 2, those following them – the third, and so on. The fewer levels, the better. The setting is repeated in each of the clusters for the correct operation of the system as a whole.

Snom M85

Protected from dust and moisture, the shockproof tube is ideal for industrial, factory or outdoor applications. With a degree of protection IP65, the design of the tube completely excludes the ingress of dust and withstands the ingress of water jets without consequences for operation.
At the same time, the appearance of the tube did not suffer at all from the functionality; the tube is made in the general style with the rest of the system. It has a black body, a 2 ”color display that allows you to quickly read information in any conditions, and metalized navigation keys typical for our phones.

Fundamentally, M85 differs from other tubes of the microcellular system by the presence of a red panic button on the upper plane of the case. It is necessary in unforeseen situations when an employee urgently needs to notify colleagues about a problem, but is not the only way to do this. The M85 also contains a position sensor and can send an alarm when there is a sudden change in position, such as a fall, or if there is no change in position for a while. Such functionality allows the employee not only to notify colleagues about an unforeseen situation, but to do it if, for some reason, he cannot do it on his own. But that’s not all! Also, the tube has the ability to attach a loop that is thrown over the employee’s hand and can give a signal if this loop is disconnected.

Snom M65

This model is designed for slightly more gentle handling than the M85. Snom M65 has a small size and weight, which is very important for mobile workers in the office. A large part of the case from the front side is occupied by a color display with a diagonal of the same 2 “or 5 cm. Above it there is a high-quality speaker that provides excellent audibility of the interlocutor, above which there is a light indicator. The latter smoothly transitions to the upper plane of the body, allowing you, for example, to find out about an incoming voicemail message, regardless of the location of the tube and your angle of view.

On the keypad of the device, in addition to the dialer keys, there are three sub-screen function keys, a joystick and hands-free and menu keys. The speaker is located on the back of the handset, above the battery compartment cover. The latter is equipped with a latch for easy opening, you do not have to break your nails trying to remove the battery cover to install or replace the battery.

On the sides of the case there are volume and microphone mute buttons, as well as a 3.5 mm jack headset. The headset is generally a popular accessory for wireless solutions that allows you to answer calls while moving around the office, leaving your hands free and the handset attached to your belt.

Snom M25

The most budgetary handset of the system is not the ugly duckling of the line and fully copes with the duties of a communication device assigned to it. Like the models mentioned above, the M25 has a 3.5mm headset jack located on the side of the case. An indicator light is located on the other side of the connector. The solution is visually very interesting and, due to the fact that the indicator slightly protrudes beyond the dimensions of the case, providing good visibility, it is quite functional.

The size of the M25 display has decreased to 1.44 ”compared to its older counterparts. Nevertheless, thanks to the large menu icons and interface labels, all information from the display is perceived without any problems. The dialer keys do not fundamentally differ in size from the keys of the older model, but are located a little further from each other, which will simplify dialing a number if you have a manicure or gloves on your hands, which is very important in our time. The navigation keys do not differ from the older models, reminding that the handsets belong to a single line and ennobling the appearance of the devices.

The handset does not have additional function keys, all control is carried out from the menu of the device.
Another difference between the M25 and older models is in the batteries. If the older models use lithium-ion batteries, the younger model uses standard AAA batteries.

The solution is standard for pipes of this segment, and has both its disadvantages and advantages. Although these batteries provide a slightly shorter handset runtime, they are versatile, easily replaceable, and affordable, which is often important when devices are widely used.


The M700 microcellular DECT system is a universal solution, and not only due to the construction logic that favorably distinguishes it from competitors, but also due to the terminal devices – handsets with wide functionality, ergonomic and very, very attractive appearance.

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