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Talk about Creaform metrascan – Professional 3D scanners for industrial applications, including control of part geometry, and reverse engineering. Learn more from this article.

About company Creaform

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In 2002, the Canadian Bank invested $ 200,000 in the development of a 3D scanner startup, led by Martin Lamontan. From that moment, the history of Creaform began. Two years later, Lamontagne was named “Quebec’s best young entrepreneur.” His business brought in $ 5,000,000 and grew by 50% annually.

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Creaform creates and markets 3D measurement equipment and participates in the development of innovative solutions in partnership with other companies.
The manufacturer specializes in creating tools for 3D scanning, non-destructive testing, reverse engineering, quality control and digital modeling (FEA / CFD).

Creaform equipment is in demand in various fields:

  • In heavy engineering;
  • In healthcare organizations;
  • In the production of household appliances;
  • In the automotive industry;
  • In the aerospace industry;
  • In the mining and processing industries;
  • In the production of electricity;
  • In educational and scientific institutions.

In 2013, Creaform became part of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies, a division of AMETEK Inc., a world-famous manufacturer of electronic tools and electromechanical devices, with sales of more than $ 4 billion per year.

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03/01/2018 Fanny Tryushon led the Creaform business line. Over the previous 5 years, she served as vice president of a customer service company. Creaform’s headquarters and production facilities are located in Quebec. Science and technology centers operate in Grenoble and Lewis. Sales centers operate in Europe, Asia and America: Italy, France, Germany; China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, USA and Brazil.

3D scanners Creaform metrascan

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The principles that guide Creaform in creating its 3D scanners:

TRUaccuracy – data accuracy in any conditions.

Protection of measurements from adverse environmental conditions. Vibration, unstable lighting, temperature changes and lack of experience with the operator do not affect the accuracy of the result. Creaform scanners algorithms are aimed at facilitating the measurement process and increasing the accuracy of the information received.

TRUporability – 3D scanning anywhere.

Compact size, light weight, convenient transportation – all that is needed for 3D scanners to work almost anywhere.

TRUsimplicity – simplicity of the workflow.

Less than 5 minutes take information collection, data processing, visualization and display of the grid for objects of almost any size, color and material. For work with the device preliminary setting or special experience of the user is not required.

Principle of operation

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The laser beams of the 3D scanner are directed at the subject, the camera captures the intersection points of the rays and the object. A laser tracker or accessory tracks the spatial position of the scanner. To connect the parts of the image, small stickers of a given size, called labels, are used.

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MetraSCAN, go! SCAN, HandySCAN – three models, three methods of data collection.
Each device determines its location in space with respect to the scanned object using different algorithms.

MetraSCAN is the most accurate device from this series. The principles of operation are similar to those of HandySCAN. MetraSCAN can work as a standalone handheld device. However, it was originally created to work in conjunction with the C-track device. More about it in the paragraph “Optional equipment”.

METRASCAN 750 (Elite)

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Price METRASCAN 750 upon request

Price METRASCAN 750 ELITE upon request

METRASCAN 350 (Elite)

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Price METRASCAN 350 upon request

Price METRASCAN 350 ELITE upon request

Contents of delivery

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  • MetraSCAN 3D Scanner
  • VXelements Software
  • Stand
  • Calibration sphere
  • Firewire cable
  • Shipping case
  • 1 year assembly and parts warranty

Optional equipment


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The MetraSCAN handheld scanner is located in a frame with tags to determine its location in space. The work of the scanner consists in processing data on the shape and surface of the scanned object, it is not tied to the reference marks. They are looking for a C-track, equipped with two cameras, remote from each other to “capture” a large amount of space.

To obtain a coordinate reference system for the scanner, a minimum of 4 marks C-track tracks the area up to 16.6 cubic meters in front of you. To bind the coordinate system to an object, marks can be placed on the part under investigation. When the relative position of the C-track and the object changes, the connection between the scanner and the object is preserved.

Scanning begins immediately after C-track finds several tags to create a reference frame in space. C-track tracks the marks on the device so as not to lose its position in the working coordinate system. The joint operation of the devices provides ample opportunity to scan large objects, such as airplanes and cars, in automatic mode and using a relatively small number of tags.


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The CUBE-R intelligent scanning system includes several devices: a robotic arm, a rotary platform, C-Track, a 3D-scanner MetraSCAN 750-R Elite, C-Track, a control computer complex.

System Features:

  • High performance: checks up to hundreds of objects per day, including parts of complex geometric shapes;
  • Multifunctionality: at the same time collects and analyzes information;
  • Reduced placement area: 4.1 mx 4.1 mx 3.1 m;
  • Processing of bulky and heavy parts: weighing up to 1.5 tons, volume – up to 3 m along any coordinate axis;
  • Ready for work: the system is complete, does not require integration;
  • Automatic calibration during continuous data processing;
  • Industrial design: adapted to production conditions.


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Creaform offers several software license options:

  • Computer-bound license;
  • Hardware Key License;
  • Network license.

Comparison of Creaform software features:


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VXelements is an integrated software platform for combining all 3D scanning and measurement technologies Creaform. It is a working environment for other software modules (VXscan, VXprobe, VXshot, etc.) and a convenient, simple user shell.


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VXmodel is an intuitive program for preparing a 3D scanning grid for reverse engineering or three-dimensional printing. Software features:

  • Mesh cleaning;
  • Void filling
  • Combination of grids;
  • Simplification of grids;
  • Create meshed surfaces.


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VXinspect – software integrates the results of digital information processing and photogrammetric measurements. It solves the following tasks:

  • Comparison of the obtained digital models in CAD with the source objects;
  • Monitoring the parameters of the received models and original parts and tools;
  • Monitoring the conformity of manufactured parts to the originals or standard;
  • Checking the tool and its fixtures;
  • Alignment;
  • Strain tracking;
  • Dynamic measurement.


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VXtrack is designed to solve the following problems:

  • Calibration and orientation of the robot;
  • Tracking and control of complex assembly processes;
  • Correction in real time of inaccuracies that occur during data processing;
  • Deformation tracking during testing.

Comparison with Shining Freescan Trak

Both devices: Shining Freescan Trak and Creaform Metrascan function according to a similar principle: the symbiosis of a 3D scanner with a tracking tracker that determines the position of the scanner in relation to the digitized object.

Comparison of technical characteristics:

Examples of using

Product quality control in MDC DESIGN srl

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MDC DESIGN srl is an actively growing company, a leading provider of control systems and sensors for automating processes in the automotive and aerospace industries. The work of MDC DESIGN srl is based on strict compliance with quality standards. The company produces a wide range of devices: from simple supports for measuring instruments to innovative systems with complex electronic components.

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In the process of manufacturing large equipment, the company faced the task: to find a device for measuring and creating models of parts in three-dimensional space. The tool had to process information and convert data with maximum accuracy.

MDC DESIGN executives said they chose Creaform because their values ​​matched. Accuracy and speed are the priority principles of both companies. MDC DESIGN was pleased with the choice of supplier, including due to the high level of staff training and quality technical support.

Creation of the yacht American Magic, New York Yacht Club

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American Magic Yacht is a candidate from the United States of America to win the Cup of America 2020, which yachting enthusiasts consider a prestigious international event. The history of the competition began in 1851, it is forty-five years earlier than the Olympic Games.

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Creaform is the official 3D technology provider for the nearly 23-meter American Magic. The yacht has a speed of more than 92 km / h, thanks to innovative technologies and modern materials that Airbus engineers used to create the hydrofoil yacht.

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In collaboration with sailing experts and engineers, a Creaform metrology team scanned carbon fiber yacht hull parts. We analyzed the effect of the geometry of the parts on the streamlining of the vessel, studied the possibilities of improving the hull characteristics. The Creaform team was delighted to be part of the improvement of American Magic and is proud to have helped to improve the design features of the yacht.

Car race 24 Hours of Le Mans

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To control the cars of the FIA ​​race participants, they used the Creaform MetraSCAN 3D scanner.

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The experts had a task – to check the compliance of each car with the rules of the race. Each test should have taken no more than 10 minutes. The task was solved using MetraSCAN scanners.



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3D laser scanners are high-precision, high-speed equipment for use in various fields where accuracy and speed of obtaining three-dimensional models of physical objects are required. Devices do an excellent job of processing data regardless of the location of the object – on the street, in the laboratory or on the production floor.

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