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Okay, we are an innovative IT company, which means we have developers – and these are good developers who are passionate about their work.

And they do live streaming, and all together it’s called Devation.

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A bit from HR:

  • How to request a boost during COVID-19

    Despite the fact that a pandemic forces many companies to cut their budgets, technical skills are needed more than ever. Use these tips to prove your worth and get wage increases in turbulent times.

  • 3 tips to avoid burnout while working from home

    An article in the Harvard Business Review with three reliable points to deal with burnout, plus tips for employers, managers and colleagues who want to help.

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Monthly webinars for developers from ̶b̶a̶b̶u̶sh̶k̶i̶Markus, head of the Developer Adoption Program. Marcus invites friends to share experiences in designing and creating modern applications.

List of upcoming topics:

  • Quarkus the black swan of Java
  • Helm for developers
  • Supersonic Secure Java with Quarkus
  • Stream Processing with Quarkus, Kafka Streams and Knative
  • Securing microservices
  • DevOps with Containers
  • Orchestrating microservices the cloud-native way

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