Otonomo is the App Store for Automotive Data


Otonomo is an Israeli startup that collects data from over 22 million vehicles around the world. This week, they rolled out a cloud-based platform that makes data available to customers via an API.

Matan Tessler, vice president of product for Otonomo, called the platform a “neutral platform” designed to “distribute [автомобильных] datasets “. The cloud platform allows users – from OEMs, autonomous vehicle startups and fleet owners to app developers, insurers, urban planners, and ordinary users – to extract the data they need and pay the appropriate price for it. The service provides access not only to archived aggregated data, but also to data processed in real time.

Otonomo, which raised $ 82 million, expects hundreds of app and service developers to build a large ecosystem around its automotive data platform.


Egil Juliussen, automotive analyst at the EE Times said, “Think of Otonomo distributing automotive data in the App Store model.”

The idea of ​​monetizing automotive data is not new. OEMs (such as General Motors and Ford) are already developing services tied to their own telematics control units. Tech companies including Waymo, Tesla, and Mobileye are also collecting data generated by vehicles (or their own sensors) to develop various technologies and services.

Tessler noted that the difference is that many OEMs and tech companies are closing their platforms hard. Otonomo, on the other hand, operates 22 million vehicles that go almost everywhere. The company currently collects data from 12 OEMs, including BMW, Peugeot, FCA, Mercedes, Mitsubishi. “We are also integrating data from other automotive OEMs,” added Tessler. However, their company cannot yet disclose.

But why would automotive OEMs partner with Otonomo when they can create their own apps and services?

To this, Tessler replied that “OEMs are not data processing companies.” By partnering with Otonomo, automakers can not only obtain data to improve the quality of service to drivers and passengers, but also offer additional services (in addition to their own) to diversify their offerings.

In addition, Otonomo has expertise in data anonymization; Automakers understand that Otonomo’s data filtering services can help them better comply with data privacy practices.


How unique is Otonomo?

Juliussen said he studied the automotive data market several years ago and noted that Harman (funded by Samsung), CloudCar, Mojio, Octo Telematics, Verisk, and Xevo are also monetizing automotive data.

Juliussen argues that “Otonomo is so far ahead that competitors cannot keep up.” One of the reasons for this superiority is that Otonomo already does business around the world and operates in about 70 countries. The company has also developed unique tools such as a data blurring and anonymization engine that allows it to “process and cleanse data as required by local data privacy regulations,” Juliussen explained.

The Otonomo platform also has unexpected users: automotive OEMs, mapping companies, and parking solutions developers. Juliussen commented: “Suppose you want to open a new retail store. You need traffic data, dynamics and patterns in the area. You can choose where to open your store based on the data provided by the Otonomo platform. ”He also noted that the advantage of this platform is that it allows you to structure the data that you want to see.

The Otonomo platform provides two types of data: “aggregated data” and “identifiable data”, disseminated after the explicit consent of the vehicle owner.

Otonomo also provides tools for dynamic filtering and data aggregation, allowing users to find exactly the data they need. The company says its platform now collects 4 billion data items daily from more than 22 million connected vehicles. Users can pay for the data they use, or connect to an individual tariff plan. For pay as you go, users pay $ 60 per million data points (or $ 60 for 20,000 rides), according to the company. Otonomo also offers a 30-day trial.

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