Online Q&A session on the Kaspersso Autotest Framework

1 min

Last year, our Android auto-testing experts teamed up with colleagues from other companies and created a Kaspresso auto-testing framework. In September, they presented him at Habré (a post in which they explain what they did and why). Over the six months of its existence, Kaspresso has been used by thousands of people, and many have had questions about the framework and the infrastructure as a whole. We noticed that often these questions are repeated, and we thought that it would be good to answer them centrally.

Therefore, the authors of the framework decided to hold a session to answer any questions right away. Thanks to the online format, everyone who enters can learn something about the auto-testing process. Our (and not only!) Experts will help with this:


Eugene Matsyuk, Software expert from Kaspersky Lab
Ruslan Mingaliev, Software Engineer, also from LC
Egor Kournikov, Software Engineer from Yandex
Dmitry Voronin, Software Engineer from Avito

The online session will be held tomorrow, April 9, from 18:00 to 20:00. You can sign up for it on the page of Kaspresso: Q&A Session


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