One month before PHP8 release. What version are you mostly sitting on now?

With this question, we went to the speakers of the Ulyanovsk PHP-meetup: it can be neat visit or watch it freely in an interactive format this weekend.

Viewers of Saturday’s broadcast will be able to ask a question by voice directly from the browser.

Answers and other interesting stories from speakers under the cut.

Roman Ananiev, Simtech Development. Explains PHP Anatomy

What version of PHP are you mostly using now?

A lot 7.2. We are updating to 7.3 in some places. And in some places we have already tried php8.0.0-rc1

Your talk is called “Think Like PHP” and is about language performance myths. How did his idea come about?

I love it when sites are fast – this is an important parameter, it affects how people will buy. And to optimize something, you need to understand how it works.

What to convey to those who want to come to the meetup?

That we will have all the precautions: free seating, antiseptics, distribution of masks and gloves, temperature measurement and ventilation. In face-to-face communication, it will be possible to ask around in more detail. Now that more and more online, this is a little lacking.

What to convey to those who want to watch the meetup live?

Great choice too!

Alexander Nagornov, Lifehacker. Will talk about the adoption of autodeploy in a small development department

What version of PHP are you mostly using now?

We mostly sit at 7.3. Because of the monolith on WordPress, every move is hard: our project has a long history, developers often used what they wanted and how they wanted, there are a bunch of third-party packages that are no longer supported. And before each move, you have to carefully study and rewrite and rewrite packages.

In your report, you are going to highlight “the path from denial to the adoption of autodeploy and what does the fatal fall of the production server have to do with it.” Why did you choose this topic?

Communicated with developers from several other media. It turned out that not everyone has autodeploy, but everyone would like to introduce it. I would like to show you with an example how to approach the issue if you have a small development department and you are experiencing constant pains with deploying applications.

What to convey to those who want to come to the meetup and watch it online?

No one is alone in their problems – I think you will be able to learn something new, and at the same time understand who has expertise on a topic of interest. And then contact the right person without any problems. Many can be found in local community chat

Maxim Shamaev, Skyeng. Will talk about the aspect of fault tolerance when moving from a monolith to 100+ services

What version of PHP are you mostly using now?

7.1 – because the libraries I’m talking about are built for PHP 7.1. From 7.3 it conflicts, and under 7.2 to transfer laziness hands did not reach)

Your talk is a run-through of a talk for PHPRussia. How did this topic come about?

I saw how developers stumbled over all the points of this report, moving to microservices when there are already several teams in the company. And the guys from the program committee, apparently, also know such stories) The report will be interesting not only for developers, but also for those who lead them – they will be able to ask their programmers the right questions.

What to convey to those who want to come to the meetup and watch the broadcast?

For those who want to come: we will start at 11, this is in the center and you can torture the speaker after the report. And for online participants: remember that 11 in Ulyanovsk is 10 Moscow time, which is more familiar to many.

In any case, get involved. A meetup is a good way to find out something: even if it doesn’t apply to you, it’s useful for outlook and understanding, which can be very different.

PS Another reason to watch or drop by

At the end of the meetup, we will run a quiz with prizes:

With such a corporate elephant, as well as a license for any JetBrains IDE and a ticket to PHPRussia (if the conference is postponed, it will be valid).

Both viewers of the broadcast and those who came in person will be able to participate in the PHP quiz.

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