Okko Engineering Team Position on Nginx Related Events

We, the Okko engineering team, fully support open source software and in the current situation with Igor Sysoev we are on the side of the IT community.
As you know, over the past two years, Okko has changed shareholders, however, so far this has not affected our work, as shareholders have given us freedom of action.
The NGINX story came as a complete surprise to us all. A portion of hatred went to us at the same time, as an online service, now part of the Rambler Group.

Nevertheless, we do not want to quit and quit our service, which we have been building for almost 10 years, and are going to continue to develop it further.
The reason for this is our responsibility to millions of ordinary users of the service, 90% of whom do not even know what a web service is, and our great desire to show them the best football and movies.

As already reported in the media, by the end of the year, a situation is expected to be analyzed among shareholders, and so far we are sincerely worrying and painfully following the development of the situation and are counting on its successful outcome for the benefit of the entire IT community.
We sincerely hope that you will understand the situation and will not vent your anger and irritation on us and our Okko service.


Regards, Okko Engineering Team
Nikita Lyuosev eiji
Alexander Borichev
Alexander Karpeev selfsames
Alexander Saprykin
Alexandra Tanacheva
Alexey Golubev goalstudio
Alexey Karataev
Alexey Ladin alexeyladin
Alexey Lantsov
Alexey Sukhov
Ali Rahimov barinbritva
Anastasia Golden kotvaska
Andrey Dorofeev
Andrey Rusanov
Anita Vasilyeva anita13
Anna Nikitina
Anna Novikova
Anton Kondratyuk
Anton Puresev
Arif Balaev
Valentina Gorbatova ninjavalya
Vasily Kolpakov
Vasily Laptyukhin lapt
Vasily Fotin
Vladislav Doronin
Vladislav Yurevich vlad_your
Vladimir Avvakumov
Vladimir Boev
Vladimir Ermoshin
Vladimir Korepanov
Dmitry Ipatov eleslon
Dmitry Skucenya
Egor Aleinikov
Ekaterina Konchina
Zhanna Presnyakova janpresnyakova
Ivan Dmitriev
Ivan Makarov
Igor Shekhovtsov
Ilya Isaev
Leonid Ispolatov
Maxim Velikanov
Maxim Kiselevich
Maxim Troshin maxtroshin
Maria Prosvirnina
Maria Fedorova
Maria Fokina
Mikhail Alekseev
Mikhail Valeyko
Mikhail Zhukov
Mikhail Mamontov
Mikhail Solonitsin
Mikhail Funikov mixslo
Natalia Borisova Zima_Va
Natalya Pletneva nspletneva
Pavel Rybkin DualFish
Raisa Tarasova Ra16
Sergey Mekryukov mekrukov
Sergey Stepanov ass026
Sergey Terebykhin
Sergey Okatiev
Stanislav Kozlov
Stepan Potapov
Tatyana Kharlamova
Philip Gunbin fgunbin
Elina Nurgaleeva
Julia Belova yabelova
Julia Korkina ykorkina

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