NX Java Meetup # 15: Haskell-flavored Java

On October 29, we’ll talk with Nikita Eshkeev from JetBrains how you can implement a json parser written in a functional style based on monadic combinator parsers.

Java programs are written in an object-oriented paradigm, but the language itself is multi-paradigm. Can Java programs be written in a functional style?

The talk will help you to look at the expressiveness of the Java 8 language and its type system using the example of the implementation of such concepts of functional programming as:

  • algebraic data types and pattern matching;

  • types of higher orders;

  • functors and monads.

When: 29th of October

What time: 19:30 (GMT)

To participate it is enough register here

The link to Zoom will be sent on the day of the event to the e-mail specified during registration.

See you!

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