NX Bootcamp: start on October 15

NX Bootcamp – a project of the Nexign company, which helps 3-4 year students and undergraduates of IT specialties to prepare for work on real problems and gain the knowledge necessary for novice specialists. Classes of the second stream for children from St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk will begin very soon. Hurry up to join!

Lectures will be held in local time, which means that participants from St. Petersburg will be able to join the broadcasts in Novosibirsk and vice versa.

All training is absolutely free and consists of open lectures on development, analytics and testing, which can be attended by everyone.

In 2021, the NX Bootcamp Closed Classes will begin in St. Petersburg, where there will be a deeper immersion in the specialty and a lot of practice under the guidance of Nexign experts. Closed classes can be accessed after successfully completing the test and interview.

After graduation, the most talented students will be selected for a summer paid internship.

Last year, NX Bootcamp trained 57 Closed Classes alumni, 14 of whom completed internships at Nexign. As a result of the internship, 12 young specialists joined the team.

You can apply for participation in NX Bootcamp and get all the relevant information here

NX Bootcamp grand opening will take place October 15th at 17:00 (UTC) at Zoomenough to take part register

They are waiting for you:

  • speeches from top managers of Nexign;

  • acquaintance with the company;

  • presentation of the NX Bootcamp project – we will tell you about the schedule, next steps and global opportunities;

  • the first introductory mini-lecture on IT-telecom;

  • IT-Quiz: let’s ask questions about the telecom sphere, the fastest and smartest will get prizes – ASUS batteries.

See you!

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