NVIDIA Mindfulness Simulation and Fast Mirror for Mac

And also backgrounds for conferences from Studio Lebedev and incomprehensible glasses with speakers from Lenovo … We continue to publish interesting news from our telegram channel

Camera check on Sozvonus and animated backgrounds from Studio Lebedev
NVIDIA changes the direction of view
Glasses for viewing content
Quick Mirror for Mac
Mini keyboard for video calls
Intelligent appointment handling via API
Embedded eCDN from Zoom
Jitsi Updates Streaming Engine
New Logitech Brio 300 cameras for $70

Camera check on Sozvonus and animated backgrounds from Studio Lebedev

Lebedev Studio released animated backgrounds for Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and Yandex.Telebridge.

And launched a website sozvonusto make online meetings enjoyable for everyone. There you can check the checklist of universal rules. If you turn on the camera at the end, they will diagnose which ear do you have “something is noisy, the face is out of frame, a little to the right, the light is good.”

NVIDIA changes the direction of view

NVIDIA adds in test mode, Eye Contact gaze correction in the new version of its streaming application Broadcast 1.4. Relevant for owners of NVIDIA GeForce RTX video cards. Above demo (1 min) by The Verge ↑

You can peek at the cheat sheet at the test or interview. However, education professionals they say that “if my students take tests like that, I’m afraid I’ll suspect them of being stoned”)) It’s easier at a meeting, most likely no one will pay attention to your efforts.

Also in the application “radically” improved the work of the virtual background, added a mirror image of the camera and the ability to take a picture from the webcam.

Apple showed a similar feature for FaceTime in iOS 13. Microsoft also has this eat in Windows 11 for devices with neural processors.

Glasses for viewing content

Lenovo showed glasses Glasses T1 for viewing the image. This is not virtual reality, you won’t be able to interact with the content, you can only duplicate the screen of a smartphone or laptop. The glasses are equipped with two micro-OLED displays, each of which has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. There are small speakers in the arms, but the microphones were not delivered.

The glasses are already on sale in China under the name Lenovo Yoga Glasses, which means you can find them here as well. Estimated cost is $570.

Quick Mirror for Mac

Mac app called hand mirror turns on the webcam with one click so you can quickly make sure “you don’t have spinach in your teeth”. They say, it is more convenient and faster than checking in traditional ways. The preview has been available for more than two years completely free of charge.

Recently, the developer has added paid bonus options.

Notch Trigger: On the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air M2, the icon hides behind the notch where the camera is located and activates in this area. A little more on the cut ↓

Paid Options

Smart Window and Window Masks: the preview window can be moved to any place on the screen, its shape and size can be changed.

Custom Default Position: Fixes the preview window in a permanent position.

Custom Icons: Several alternative app icons are available.

Mic Check (coming soon): Along with the camera preview, you can check the microphone.

Now Hand Mirror Plus costs $4.99, one-time purchase, updates are free. With the advent of new options, the price will increase.

Mini keyboard for video calls

An interesting thing came across – compact PowerBx Zapp Pad. It looks like a calculator with 22 buttons for the most requested actions in Zoom. No need to memorize keyboard shortcuts and wander through the menu.

Connects via Bluetooth, works with local Zoom hotkeys, so compatibility with other video calling software is not guaranteed. Some of these keys can be configured as global keys within Zoom and used side by side in other open applications such as presentations.

The panel is not universal, they offer a choice of 2 models – for Windows and Apple OS. Zoom uses different keyboard shortcuts for each OC, don’t be confused.

Zapp Pad has been announced for almost 2 years backnow on the official website the price is $49.

Outwardly, a less solid wired handmade alternative for €90 is offered on Etsy. The principle of operation is the same.

Intelligent appointment handling via API

Financing received the Recall.ai project, which offers an API for embedding bots in your meetings on any video conferencing platform. They provide access to raw video and audio data that is not easy to organize and unify across different communication services.

The data is analyzed in real time. Recall.ai cooperates with various services that provide intelligent processing. At the same time, you are not involved in the establishment, maintenance and operation of the infrastructure.

What can be done:

– Analytics of conversations with customers, tips for sales representatives when it is time for them to wrap up and what to say at a particular moment.
— Automatic filling of CRM with call data.
— Tracking the rules of discussion by topic and time during the meeting is clearly online.
– Formation of notes with time code during the interview.
– Meeting analytics: who is talking now, when people join and leave, turn on / off the camera, sound, etc.

Embedded eCDN from Zoom

Zoom released promised eCDN solution – zoom mesh. Zoom Events and Zoom Webinars customers can now connect and set up the service in the interface a few minutes before the event.

eCDN optimizes the use of the Internet channel for hassle-free broadcasting to large audiences and multiple offices. From a technical point of view, Mesh relies on p2p technology, eliminating duplicate video streams from the cloud. Only some clients receive this stream and then redistribute it to other clients on the network.

Mesh can scale up to 100 locations and up to 10k users per location, with minimal impact on client performance and user experience. The egress latency in the final child client is measured in milliseconds.

Mesh is built into the standard Zoom client since version 5.12.6. Driven by the new Mesh Orchestrator cloud feature. It does not require any additional software or hardware to operate. The cost is proposed to be specified separately.

Your eCDN product recently offered Microsoft.

Jitsi Updates Streaming Engine

jitsi going significantly reduce the delay when broadcasting video conferences on YouTube, Twitch and other platforms.

Previously, the Jibri tool was used for this. He pre-processed the video stream on the company’s server, and only then transferred it to the site. At the same time, Chrome was implicitly launched behind the scenes, which was engaged in transcoding. Such a chain required large computing power, translation delays were observed.

Now RTP streams will be sent via WebRTC to each viewer. This solution is proposed to be implemented as follows:

Do not share information about viewers with participants.
– Change the topology of video bridges: video conference participants communicate normally, but viewers connect to the central bridges. It turns out that instead of the usual grid, something similar to a tree.
— When the maximum loads on the XMPP server mirror information about the participants of the video conference on a similar server. This will qualitatively distribute the load across the entire infrastructure.

New Logitech Brio 300 cameras for $70

A line of simple compact cameras made from recycled plastic with 1080p30 resolution introduced Logitech.

What is:

— automatic illumination correction
— viewing angle diagonally 70°
– protective curtain
– noise-canceling microphone, operating range 1.22m
– certified for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet
– connect via USB-C

No zoom or autofocus.

Brio 300 positioned as a personal camera. Brio 305 – also for workplaces, but as a budget solution for organizations, remotely controlled via Logitech Sync. No other differences were noticed.

Worldwide sales will begin in January 2023, ordering is available on the US site. The suggested retail price is $69.99.

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