Noerden Life2 – analog watch with “gesture” control and “touch” glass

You probably remember how the hero “in Hoffmann's“ Life Views … ”the hero“ vividly divided the entire human race into two unequal parts: one consists only of good people, but bad or not musicians at all, the other of true musicians. .. "

So we: we divide consumers of smart watches into two unequal parts. One of them is interested only in digital models, the second – analog or hybrid. If you consider yourself in the second category – welcome inside.

Oh, yes: “none of them will be condemned, on the contrary, everyone expects bliss, only in a different way.”

The range of smart watches Noerden includes several models, each of which has either some kind of functional or designer "features." For example, Mate, among other things, has an ultraviolet sensor-tracker, which, in general, in the summer can be very much in demand.

The brand itself is not focused only on the supply of watches: there are smart scales and a smart tonometer in the range. A kind of mix of products to monitor activity and health. Watch that makes Noerden, analog with Bluetooth. This is a smart watch with arrows that can send some data to the application and get access to some functions of the smartphone.

Today we will tell about the Life 2 model – the most inexpensive of the range, which was further reduced by 25% by the end of the month.

Why do we like analog clocks

The farther you live, the more it seems (crossed) that the most important thing in a watch is the ability to correctly display time. Therefore, smart models with a wide range of capabilities are less likely to come into view as a watch for personal use.

We are surrounded by quite a lot of displays: a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop … Therefore, having another display on the wrist is tiresome and unnecessary. Nevertheless, it is possible to refuse some minimal comfort and it is not worth it.

Such minimal convenience is provided by smart analogue clocks. Noerden is no exception.

How does it work

Watch Life 2 – the most common external watch.

They have a minimalist design, but such that even they don’t have any cut-out for the diode, which is located under section 12. The dial is decorated with a pair of inscriptions and a discontinuous strip at level 3 and 9.

The watches have water protection up to 5АТМ, made of stainless steel and generally look reliable. Despite the fact that in the younger version – just in this, Life 2, the glass is not sapphire, after all, it is not the most fragile. A couple of times on the door handle, we still put them – until a scratch.

Glass is not straight.

We also note a rather soft silicone strap. Even with a strong tension around the wrist, it does not cause discomfort, almost does not feel, although it leaves traces in this case.

Gender Life 2 model does not have, despite the rather compact body (38 mm). On a small male hand, they look very good. And in general, dials of this size for men do.

Tag, of course, looks larger due to the bezel, but the size of the "screen" it is absolutely the same:

If you sum up the body, it is not bad. Everything is done tightly, nowhere sticks out anything and does not play. It is easy and pleasant to wear a watch.

What we did not have is the date. Perhaps this is something very individual, but we like the clock with a window under the number or in any other way to designate the current day.

Noerden app

Here, too, everything is at a minimum, but all the most necessary. From the point of view of the statistics collected, this is activity and sleep. Pulsometer model does not have. Data can be viewed in any range, from the current date to a year, specified for the past / before last day, etc. If you wish, you can throw it in AppleHealth, for example.

Total application has three main tabs – they are located below. Information about the activity for the current day is located on the tab "The main". Here, scrolling down, the information about how you slept and your last photo taken from the Noerden watch.

In the activity statistics tab there is a share button. With its help, information can be sent to Facebook and services controlled by it: WA, instagram, messenger.

Actually, we got to the "gesture control". It is connected just with the photo. Access to the ability to take photos using the clock also opens from the main screen. In the upper left corner is the "Camera" icon. To take a photo remotely, there are two ways: classic – is to press the clock button and "gesture".

The gesture method is that you need to shake your hand a little.

The next section of the application is Devices. Here you first connect your watch and then control it.

The section is organized quite simple. Here are available:

  • Disable the current gadget.
  • Intelligent clock calibration. The clock does not need to be let down; the arrows themselves will reach the time according to the time on your smartphone.
  • Once again – control the camera.
  • Set up smart notifications.
  • Bluetooth on / off clock.
  • And the music management function.

Comment here need only a couple of points. First, with regard to smart notifications, their number here is not infinite.

Hours allow you to receive notifications of calls, sms, and only from some applications. Also in this section is configured alarm.

Among the applications that can be additionally added to the list of alerts, not to say that it is the most prestigious popular ones. For those who sit in Viber or trolley, it can be a minus.

The second thing to comment on is the control of the music. This is the "sensory" of this model – a strange, but curious implementation. The clock only allows you to rewind the track back and forth. In order to do this, you must hit the center of the glass two or three times.

At first it is necessary to apply it, then it turns out every time.

And to control the camera, and to control music, of course, many questions from the “why” series. For example, each headphone model has similar buttons on the wire, but, nevertheless, it is functionally possible.

Last application menu "Profile". Your data is stored here. Also here are the settings of the application itself, changing the password, deleting the account, etc. The technical part is here.

As a result of the application

The application is simple and convenient. Its main parts are localized in Russian and no questions arise in the process. It is absolutely not difficult to work with him, and it is not necessary to do this often: hours without synchronization save data for up to 30 days.

Connecting the clock to the smartphone is also not difficult: the whole process takes about 10 seconds.

Incoming Notifications

Notifications are implemented very delicately. They do not work constantly – within a few seconds you will feel a vibration, which will visually be accompanied by a flashing green diode under the notch 12.

Phone search function

In Noerden Life 2, feedback with the phone is implemented – it is activated by double pressing the button. The phone will beep (if the sound is on) and a notification is displayed on the screen.

General impressions and results

Noerden watches seem to be quite good for their price just like a watch. The modern designers to minimalism in this case deprived them of one useful function – the display of the date, but in general, the accessory looks very decent.

All is collected worthy, sealing level. The material of the strap is soft and pleasant, it does not press and does not rub the wrist. Holes a lot – even a child can carry.

Functionally, the watches in their class are not inferior to similar models: they collect basic activity statistics, I use the Bluetooth capabilities “to the maximum” (talking about selfies, searching for a smartphone, player), although the player’s control could be brought to mind more, although this is clearly not The most sought-after feature of a smart watch.

The watch is quite suitable for those who would like to be distracted by the minimum number of times on notifications, but do not mind having them just in case. Or, as we have already said about one of the similar models: this is a smart watch for those who do not need a smart watch.

What they lack is a highlight. In all other respects, this is a fairly good and simple solution in its category. The CR2032 battery watches are working, and with all the functions involved, they will not need to be “recharged” for at least six months.

Everything is packaged prestigiously enough, in a beautiful quality box.

Now for the younger Noerden models there is a special price.

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