No need to wait for bing to start chatGPT – there is already an AI that responds based on search results

And by the way, it does not even require registration.

As you can see, now systems a la chatGPT have begun to grow like mushrooms after rain. And I came across a site like

This site does what bing only promises – it searches the web for me and gives answers based on the results it finds. Moreover, for each sentence, he gives links to the sources from where he took the information.

It is interesting that, apparently, the site understands Russian, but “thinks” in English – it often answers questions in Russian in English, while giving links to Russian sources. Also, sometimes he does not show answers in Russian until you click the View Detailed button.

Now, however, he answers in just a couple of paragraphs and shows no more than five sources. But if he learns to analyze thousands of sources and give a detailed summary, then he can become a very handy tool.

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