New Zealand opens borders

Why New Zealand?

It’s no secret that people who leave want to integrate into society. As for me, NZ is one of the few countries where this is possible – especially if there is a child.

In IT (I can’t say about other industries) there is a huge shortage of personnel, and at the same time there are many start-ups. The same Weta, there is Xero, Mobi2Go, Raygun, Hnry, a lot of them! The government is migrating to the clouds. Many companies need employees with a head, and it is difficult for locals to compete with migrants.

And all because only when life becomes uncomfortable, only then does a person begin to act and try to do something. The locals have a life planned and scheduled in advance, and they are comfortable. Our man always suffers, and to some extent this is the engine of progress.

There are many internal problems in NZ – be it the situation with housing, expensive food – which is partially solved by relatively high salaries in IT. Or fools in the government – which will not worry you at all for the first two years.

But there is a clear immigration path, starting with a work visa, then residence, and finally citizenship.

On the other hand, no one knows what will happen to the world globally.

immigration process

There was quite a lot of information in the previous article, but the immigration service decided to reform the processes a bit, and therefore changes are coming. There are still quite a few specifics, but you can read about everything, as usual, on the official site.

In general, you will not need a lawyer to collect and submit documents, it is quite possible to do everything yourself. All rules and requirements are clearly spelled out, they can be read, understood and documents are written so that the immigration officer will understand everything immediately.

The document that immigration officers work on is called the Operational Manual, and it is located here.

If I applied now, I would bet on Talent (Accredited Employer) visa. It will now be slightly modified, but in general terms the essence should remain the same – a worker for 2 years, tied to the employer, and after that a resident visa.

There is a published list with accredited employers – , almost everyone has a website, and it’s not just IT. I would take each of the list and write a letter, what can be done now. DevOps, developers, where are you?


how to find an employer?

There are two main aggregator sites – and (section with jobs). Often vacancies are duplicated on both, and on several others.

There are websites of employers, very often there is a Careers section.

There are recruiting agencies – with the current shortage of personnel, maybe they will be ready to bring someone.

Is English required?

Certainly! To obtain a work visa, you may not need to take a test, but you need to explain with the employer (and specifically the team). In the current situation, many people work from home, so Slack and other chats are in our favor.

Pronunciation is also important, of course. I took courses on accent reduction with a local teacher, but in my opinion, watching the PhoneticFanatic YouTube channel helped the most. But even after 5 years in the country, I am sure that I still speak like a bear with a balalaika. You can get rid of the accent only if you work on it seriously and regularly.

The channel is really good, check it out.

The book English Grammar In Use (blue) helped me with grammar.

Will they give visas to my wife and children?

There are different visas, but in general, having a work visa, you can get a visa for your wife (also working) and children.

is it safe in the country?

Safety is relative. After covid, many lost their jobs, cases of theft became more frequent (it became much more), but so that something threatened life – I have never encountered this. And so that in the bus to keep the dog of the backpack, so that pickpockets do not climb in – there is no such thing. I think the locals are easy prey for breeding in other countries.

how about the kids?

The kids are great here. I want to be a child again just to have a second childhood here. To some extent, when there is a child, he helps parents to immerse themselves in this.

have skin cancer?

Statistically higher than in other countries. To reduce the likelihood – do not burn. Smear with creams, watch the weather forecast for radiation (usually they write at what time of the day it is better not to be in the sun, or at least be smeared with cream).

what about medicine?

They say there is a crisis in medicine. At least she’s different. So far, I have no complaints – but they haven’t particularly encountered, except with childbirth and childhood illnesses.

Medicine is mostly shareware, with the exception of teeth. Employers are now increasingly giving insurance as a bonus, which allows you not to wait in line for an operation (not life-threatening, of course), but to go straight to a paid clinic.

Is it warm in New Zealand?

Yes in summer, not so much in winter. People are different, we usually use heating maybe a couple of months a year, and then not every day (Wellington). And someone walks in mittens and a hat.
Be prepared to freeze at home 🙂 But not on the street.

what salary will be enough?

Depends on requests. From 2 medians, I think it will be enough for the first time. This is the salary of an intermediate developer. Approximately 100k+ per year. If two people work in the family, then life will be much more fun.

there are those who came, were disappointed and left?

Of course have. The main reasons are family/friends away. In my experience, people who do not have children leave. I don’t know the official statistics.

what else to see/read?

Read – (eng)
View – on YouTube: Denis Vlasin. NataliaNZ. “A thousand words” (English).

when to start doing something?

Now. When the country is opened, who will be the first to submit the collected and translated documents?

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