new purchases at a spanish flea market

Then a guitar in more or less good condition attracted attention – I even thought about buying it, but there is sorely not enough space, so I decided to refuse to purchase it for now.

If you read the last post, then I talked about the mass appearance of balls for a sports game, the details of which were told in the comments. Today I came across only one place with these balls, but they began to massively put up golf clubs for sale. Here are some photos, if there are golf experts, please comment on the condition and possible cost of such clubs – curious!

But some apparatus, as I understand it, for making cocktails – it may well be that it is in working order. Played the guitar, played golf and drank a cocktail – life is good!

If just drinking is boring, then here is a roulette for enthusiasts.

A book to read under a glass of something.

Well, if sports are more expensive, then here is a treadmill that will allow you to get in shape.

And agricultural tools. I don’t know why they sell it and who buys it – perhaps some restaurants / museums for the entourage.

It is unlikely that someone will dig with a rusty shovel with a crooked handle or throw hay with a cracked wooden pitchfork.

Oh, and here’s another chest that looks more like a miniature torture chamber. What is this miracle? What can be stored in it?

Well, now to the technique. Here are vintage audio and video gadgets, some even with reels of magnetic tape, which probably contains the popular music of our grandparents. Someone, turning off their tape recorder many years ago, probably did not know that this was the last time …

There is also more modern technology.

It’s cold now, so gas stoves have been massively put up for sale – they are inexpensive to operate, “charged” with gas cylinders. But, of course, it is better to buy a new one, you never know what is damaged in the old used stove.

I also saw a flower pot filled to the brim with disposable vapes. For those inventors, a separate place in ecological hell is prepared for the increase in the volume of electronic waste. That’s how many batteries are being thrown away! They, unlike all other components of the cigarette, can be reused without problems.

A few more different keyboards, from those that were popular in the very early 2000s to more modern ones.

Some kind of just a huge synthesizer, barely got into the photo, no matter how I removed the phone.

By the way, software from Autodesk nnada? Probably licensed.

And also all sorts of game systems and modules, including a mountain of controllers for PS2 / PS3. They used to say here that this is a rarity, but today I specifically took about 8 different controllers, including the originals, and five turned out to be fully functional. One controller for PS2 does not have vibration for some reason (out of the remaining two problematic ones). And one for PS1 has a frayed wire at the entrance to the controller itself, so that he himself executes commands as God puts on his soul. I’ll do it in freedom.

By the way, among the sellers there are those that offer branded figurines of game and other characters. They know the price of their product, so you can’t buy cheap. Is there anything of value on this layout?

And if you want to drive a drone / helicopter, then there is such a product.

By the way, such a cash register was among the serious things. I looked it up on eBay and it costs about 150 euros. But I didn’t buy it – there is not enough storage space, but the goal to earn is still not worth it.

And yes, I also came across a desktop case, physically new, but already morally obsolete, judging by the inscription on the box, where the presence of USB 3 is positioned as one of the super-advantages. I wonder where and why this block stood, how did it get to the flea market? I want to know the history of many devices and things.

And also a radio direction finder!

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In terms of purchases, I bought 4 PS2 Fat – I was asked by friends, plus 2 NIntendo DS Lite and one NIntendo DS. All with accessories, cartridges/discs. I even found GTA: San Andreas for PS 2.

Well, that’s all for today, do not switch.

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