New ITMO University Podcast – Discussing the Work of Beginning Scientists in Machine Learning

Talking to us in the first issue Andrey Filchenkov, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor of the faculty “Information Technology and Programming“And the head of the machine learning group of the international scientific laboratory”Computer techologies“.

Andrei won the grant competition of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, published dozens of scientific articles, and repeatedly participated in thematic international conferences. In the interview, we talk about the difficulties that await beginner scientists in the field of machine learning.

Timecodes for the main topics:

  • 00:00 – presentation of the speaker, examples of cooperation with companies;
  • 09:07 – transfer of various solutions from one area to another and the development of the sphere of Moscow Region;
  • 16:41 – the study of new results, their understanding and adaptation in practice;
  • 23:48 – open development, preparation of publications and requirements for their design;
  • 28:37 – the work of laboratory specialists, the frequency of output of the results of their activities;
  • 33:04 – the choice of area for development and prerequisites for starting in the field of Moscow region.

Podcast prepares and leads dmitrykabanov.

Notes and additional reading:

P.S. On other platforms, the podcast will appear as the next release. We will focus on your wishes (in the comments) regarding where it is more convenient to listen.

P.P.S. In addition to announcements of issues with notes and additional sources on the subject, we plan to prepare full text transcripts. If you find the conversation with Andrei Filchenkov interesting, please support us with your rating or feedback in Apple Podcasts.

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