New Data Protection Feature in MariaDB

Acronis recently announced an extension of the functionality of our universal protection system Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud, which will be useful for everyone who works with MariaDB. The innovation will allow setting up data protection for such DBMS without special technical skills and as quickly as possible recovering data and processes that depend on them. In this post, we will tell you in more detail why MariaDB is chosen, and what opportunities the integration provides for users of Acronis products.

MariaDB is one of the fastest growing databases in the world today. Moreover, today we are not talking about growing from scratch – MariaDB is one of the five most used DBMS, and hosting databases based on MariaDB is available on almost all leading cloud platforms. 75% of Fortune 500 companies use MariaDB in their work. Thus, modern business is fully aware of the benefits of MariaDB, which has already become a technological trend.

One of the main reasons for choosing MariaDB is better performance. And so many companies are considering a new DBMS as an alternative to migrating from MySQL. Moreover, MariaDB is used in the backend of many sites, especially those based on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other platforms.

MariaDB – a solution for small businesses or large ones?

According to official statistics, MariaDB is used by small businesses as well as medium and even large corporations:

  • 64% of MariaDB users are small businesses (< $50M annual income)

  • 9% of MariaDB users are midsize companies

  • 21% of MariaDB users are big business (annual revenue > $1000M)

At the same time, MariaDB is most often used by computer software developers (28%), as well as IT service providers (14%). And that is why MariaDB is in demand today for additional data protection technologies.

We specifically integrated at the API level and provided the ability to manage backup, restore, and data protection in MariaDB through the Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud console. MariaDB backup settings in Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud are completely similar to other products and systems, so users of Acronis solutions will be able to activate new features immediately.

The new integration scheme allows full or granular recovery of MariaDB databases. It is possible to quickly restore data and tables at any time. Granular recovery is available at the instance, database, or table level. As a result, service providers are able to provide more flexible data protection services, as well as reduce RTO and provide access to the most critical customer data as quickly as possible.

MariaDB security becomes essential

The modern threat landscape is such that it is almost impossible to ensure the complete security of any system. Hackers constantly find hidden opportunities for attacks – they use solutions from trusted providers, carefully prepare intrusions through new vulnerabilities in popular software, and finally use social engineering and force users to open access to data themselves.

The growing demand for MariaDB naturally draws the attention of cybercrime to this platform. And users have a need to quickly restore data and business processes in the event of an incident.

How it works?

Partnership with MariaDB allowed the Acronis team to add a data protection option to MariaDB. The new solution becomes available upon installation advanced backup pack for Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud. The main goal of this integration is to provide providers with the ability to protect customer data that is stored in the MariaDB DBMS, which is popular today, without additional expertise. After all, integration works, as they say, “out of the box”.

When we started working with the MariaDB development team, we set ourselves the task of helping users (and the service providers that serve them) get back to work as quickly as possible. Extended support for MariaDB backup and disaster recovery directly allows you to simply install a protection system and not worry about technical intricacies – just set up a suitable backup plan, and in the event of a failure or attack, you just need to select the desired fragment and version of the copy to restore.

Ecosystem of Integrated Solutions

By the way, MariaDB is not the only solution with a direct connector for Acronis cyber protection systems. Exactly the same modules are provided for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle DBMS Real Application clusters and SAP HANA. Integrations are available to all users of Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud with the Advanced Backup feature.

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