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Attention! This article is not engineering and is intended for readers who are in search of advanced courses on iOS development. Most likely, if you are not interested in learning, this material will not be of interest to you.

It's no secret that there are many organizations involved in teaching programming. Mostly these are mainstream courses with basic knowledge, guaranteeing the development of a new profession in the shortest possible time. We in OTUS went the other way, our courses will not suit beginners, but they will definitely be able to pump you from a junior specialist to a “middle” and even higher.

A few months ago, OTUS launched several courses on iOS development at once, namely a preparatory course, basic and advanced. We’ll talk about the latter.

It is worth noting that after the first two starts of the course, we received a lot of requests from customers, after which we decided to finalize (expand) the program and now we are restarting the advanced course iOS developer marked “V2.0”

The new course will not have basic knowledge, so it is more suitable for iOS developers with experience of 1 year or more. To study at an advanced level, you must have the following knowledge:

  • knowledge of Swift language (basic types, loops, branching);
  • experience in developing for iOS from 1 year;
  • a basic understanding of Foundation (or Glibc);
  • experience in Xcode;
  • Git skills

You can be tested to determine if you have enough knowledge and experience to complete this course.

On November 20, at 20:00, OTUS will host Open Doors Day, where you can learn about the course in detail and ask your questions to the course teacher Yeksey Panteleev. His experience in programming is more than 17 years, he worked in the largest IT companies in the country, such as Tinkoff Bank,, New Cloud Technologies, and is now ready to share his skills and knowledge with students. Eksei will tell in more detail about the course program, about the competencies and prospects that students will expect at the end of the course.

Also, in order to try on yourself an online training format based on real practical cases, you can familiarize yourself with the recording of the past online webinar:

What's new in advanced course version 2.0?

  • Students will solve complex and hardcore problems with the level of quality of top-end applications;
  • In the learning process, we will develop a comprehensive and animated UI, using SwiftUI and knowledge that cannot be found in articles on the Internet;
  • We will learn how to adapt the UI code for iPadOS and port it to watchOS, tvOS, macOS platforms;
  • We will study the issue of mixing declarative and imperative paradigms, Rx patterns and Combine development.
  • We will learn the rare skill of iOS-friendly developers porting an application to Android while maintaining 80-90% of the logic. Using code generation, a way to develop yourself as a T-shaped mobile engineer.

Of the nice bonuses it is worth mentioning that throughout the entire learning process, students can count on the support of teachers in the group’s closed slack channels.

Upon completion of training, all OTUS graduates have a chance to find a job in the largest IT companies that are our partners. These include corporations such as Yandex, Kaspersky, Gazprombank, Tele2, Tinkoff and many others, a full list can be found here.

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