.NET Online Meetup Announcement: Three Presentations on Cross-Platform Desktop Applications

You no longer expected, but we did. This Thursday, almost a year after the previous meetup, we are holding the first (hopefully, many?) Online meeting with three bombastic talks about cross-platform desktop applications. Misha Romanov will consider all kinds of frameworks for cross-platform applications and tell you how and why. Nikita Tsukanov will tell stories about the development of Avalonia – interop with COM and autogenerated CQRS are included. And Sasha Yakunin will talk about the development of a library for tracking changes in data, which allows you to make real-time UI (like other things) really fast.

When: November 26 at 17:00 (Moscow time)
Where: YouTube channel Kontura

.NET Cross-Platform GUI Review – Misha Romanov, Developer at Kontur

.Net Core equals .NET and cross-platform, but only for console and web. What about the desktop? In his talk, Misha will review several cross-platform GUI frameworks available to .NET developers: from widely known (such as Avalonia and GTK #) to unfamiliar but interesting ones (for example, Eto.Forms).

How new features are added to Avalonia UI – Nikita Tsukanov, founder of Avalonia UI OÜ

What sacrifices have to be made to make the UI truly cross-platform?

Nikita will share his experience in developing Avalonia, the largest cross-platform .NET framework. He will explain how the XAML preview was developed in Avalonia, how the COM interop was added, and why the development of smooth animations ended up with CQRS auto-generation in the rendering engine.

Efficient caching or how to get maximum RPS and real-time UI – Sasha Yakunin, CTO at ServiceTitan

Sasha is the author of the Fusion library. He will tell you how a relatively simple abstraction can seriously improve the performance of web services and make your entire application UI updateable in real time. Let’s figure out how all this relates to Blazor, “two hard things in computer science”, eventual consistency, the novelty of React, and other seemingly unrelated problems.

See you! Hit the bell on YouTube, make hot drinks register and connect to the Kontur Tech Talks online meetup on .NET

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