“Napolniki” up to one hundred thousand rubles per pair – four models worth paying attention to

We started with reviews of the basic segment systems, gradually moved on to slightly more expensive acoustics and got to “floor speakers” in the range of 60-80 thousand rubles. Today we continue to discuss examples of the most notable models and are very close to the level of one hundred thousand rubles. Let’s see what they offer for this money.

Floor acoustics Arslab Classic 2.5 - Audiomania.ru
Floor acoustics Arslab Classic 2.5 – Audiomania.ru

[87 120] Arslab Classic 2.5 assembled and tested by hand, paying attention to each pair of columns. According to the project, there is a significant emphasis on damping and ensuring a high inertia of the cabinets, so high quality sound-absorbing material, spacers and bitumen sheets can be found inside them. Speaker weights are adequate for the task [по 20 кг], and the dimensions do not lag behind [200 x 930 x 300 мм] – they allow the acoustics to work with two large midrange / woofers of 168 mm, manufactured by Wavecor according to the Arslab specification. Drivers are equipped with the thinnest synthetic coated paper cones. The system also has a 30mm dome tweeter located in the recess of the horn. Bass reflex – placed on the back side of the cabinet.

The recommended amplifier power is 25-150 W.

Like other Arslab models, these speakers boast premium solutions and components, from Jantzen coils and Audiocore capacitors to wall-mounting. In addition, the Classic 2.5 system is equipped with removable protective “grills” made of fabric.

In general, the acoustics turned out to be universal and copes well with their tasks, including as the front channels of a home theater. how celebrate experts of the publication “What Hi-Fi?”, in addition to the extensive listening front, the speakers provide accurate focusing and a spacious music stage. In “Stereo.ru” recommend choose this model for those who do not accept coloring and deviations from the ideas of the authors of the compositions.

The company also provides a two-year warranty for the Classic 2.5.

Floor acoustics JBL Studio 680 - Audiomania.ru
Floor acoustics JBL Studio 680 – Audiomania.ru

[89 990] JBL Studio 680 are representatives of the line Studio 6 and also have a decent weight [22,6 кг] and dimensions [230 x 1005 x 300 мм]… Under the “hood” there are two 165-mm midrange / woofer speakers with PolyPlas composite diffusers, polymer coating and relief. Inch compression tweeters, a bit more typical for professional acoustics, are housed in deep rectangular horns, allowing to achieve wide and at the same time uniform dispersion of sound. The phase inverter, like most of the competitors of this system, is located on the back of the cabinets.

The recommended amplifier power is 200 watts.

The system is praised for its sleek lines and quality vinyl finish. In addition, the cabinets are covered with glossy piano lacquer, and the set includes fabric grills and spikes. On the other hand, you cannot find bright decorative elements here – in a word, nothing superfluous.

[89 990] Monitor Audio Bronze 500 6G Is the flagship of the series Bronze 6G… It is slightly lighter [18 кг] neighbors in this collection, but with no less voluminous body [294 x 975 x 364 мм]… Therefore, the speakers were installed here large – two woofers of eight inches with C-CAM diffusers [Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium]… They have a ceramic coating and updated geometry. Inch Twitter – also with a C-CAM dome. It is placed in a sound tube, covered with a protective mesh with honeycombs, like other systems in this line. Two HiVe II bass reflexes were placed on the back side, but they were spread across the top and bottom of the cabinets.

The recommended amplifier power is up to 200 W.

Monitor Audio Bronze 500 6G floor standing speakers - Audiomania.co.uk
Monitor Audio Bronze 500 6G floor standing speakers – Audiomania.co.uk

Reviews often note an interesting and “expensive” appearance of the system. As you can see in the photo above, the safety nets are appropriate here – they look pretty neat and are magnetically attached. Only the supports protruding beyond the base of the offices stand out. They may contain spikes or rubber feet.

[90 000] Klipsch RP-5000F – another example of excellent acoustics up to one hundred thousand rubles. Lungs [16,8 кг] and relatively compact speakers [208 х 917 х 365 мм] Equipped with two 5.25-inch woofers / midrange drivers with sintered copper-plated cones. The 1-inch tweeter with compression driver and titanium dome membrane sits in the depth of the Tractrix horn, a hybrid cone funnel with tractrix walls. The bass reflex port is made using a similar technology and is placed on the back of the cabinet.

Floor standing speakers Klipsch RP-5000F - Audiomania.co.uk
Floor standing speakers Klipsch RP-5000F – Audiomania.co.uk

It is worth noting the well-damped casing of the system with several finishes, neat protective nets – full-length – on magnetic mounts and an interesting platform with cast aluminum legs. As with other speakers from the brand, the exterior is top notch and really deserves attention.

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