Nameless spotlights from Leroy Merlin

Spotlights appeared on sale in Leroy Merlin stores, the manufacturer is not indicated on the front side of the package. I bought, tested and studied three models.

These spotlights are quite cheap – 280, 440, 560, 825, 1526 rubles for 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 watts.

On one end there is only a part of the parameters and the name of the model.

But on the other, the manufacturer’s website and the manufacturer Uniel Lighting are indicated.

I measured the parameters of the spotlights “10W”, “30W”, “50W”.

The measured power turned out to be 16-33% lower than the declared one.

The coefficient of light pulsation is 100%. Such light is visually unpleasant and can lead to headaches and exacerbation of nervous diseases.

Unfortunately, I do not have the technical ability to accurately measure the luminous flux of the spotlights, but even if we assume that their efficiency is 100 lm / W, it turns out 740 / 2020 / 3040 lm, which is clearly less than the declared 800 / 2400 / 4000 lm. Most likely they have an efficiency of about 80 lm / W, which gives 590 / 1620 / 2430 lm.

When using a switch with an indicator, the spotlights dimly glow when such a switch is turned off.

The spotlights are built on linear drivers, their brightness drops by 5% at a mains voltage of 211-218 V. At a voltage of 207 volts acceptable according to GOST, the brightness drops by 8-10%.

At the spotlight “10 W”, the board turned out to be skewed and some of the LEDs are blocked by a reflector.

Spotlight board “30 W”. There is an inscription “SUNTEC-20W / 30W 75% -V9 Rev1.0 HS-6447”.

Two SM2082EGS line driver chips connected in parallel are used.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of similar spotlights with 100% pulsation and “fake” power on sale now. Of course, I do not recommend using this even for street and technical lighting.

Peace for everyone!

© 2022, Alexey Nadezhin

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