MyOffice introduced open source web editors. Now you can get acquainted with the company’s products right in the browser window

MyOffice has launched an open service where anyone can work with text and spreadsheet documents, as well as evaluate the interface, key functionality and practical convenience of our editors. Without downloading any files, registering and installing browser extensions: to run the demo version of the web editors just follow the link in the browser on your PC or laptop. In the process of working with the service, all documents remain on users’ computers.

Hello, Habr! In the new release 2021.01, we have carried out comprehensive work to optimize the MyOffice product line. Some of the most interesting changes are in the offline editing module (AMP) technology. To illustrate the capabilities of AMP, we have integrated the module into the corporate site MyOffice, and now work with text and spreadsheet editors is available to all site visitors directly from their browser window.

If your IT systems require document editing tools, you can request developer kit, which will allow you to integrate AMR into your own solutions. The status of a technology partner MyOffice will give you access to a library of reference materials for our products and speed up your development.

What is AMR?

AMR is a special version of MyOffice editors, which is designed for web services and integration into third-party applications for working with documents.

AMP does not require a separate server and contains a complete set of editing and formatting tools, while it does not have collaboration features.

The editor in AMP processes only those files that are transferred to it by the information system – an application or service, where the AMP module itself is integrated.

What can AMP-based MyOffice web editors do?

Users of the trial version of the MyOffice web editors can create, open, edit and format text and table files. In this case, you can insert images (as well as copy images to the clipboard and paste them into other applications), tables, tables of contents and headers and footers in texts, use formulas and build graphs in spreadsheets.

Files are saved in ODT, ODS, DOCX, XLSX, PDF formats.

In the interface, review mode and work with files in edit mode are available. Depending on the setting of the information system into which AMR is integrated, the document can be opened in the continuous review mode without the possibility of turning it off. (Example: the system in which AMR is embedded controls the mode of working with the document and gives the rights to accept or reject corrections to individual users of the system). All edits and comments that will be left in the document in review mode will be saved in the document.

Documents are printed using browser tools and available directly from the AMP interface. For spreadsheet documents, it is possible to pre-configure print parameters – page size and orientation, scale and print area, margin width – as well as disable printing of blank pages.

You can go to work with MyOffice web editors including from product trial pages on our website. When opening the page of trial versions from a tablet or smartphone, the user will be offered to download the free mobile application “MyOffice Documents”, which allows you to work with texts and tables in a format convenient for a mobile device.

We invite readers of the MyOffice blog to get acquainted with the web editors and share their opinions in the comments, and for software developers to evaluate the possibilities of integrating AMR into their IT solutions and become technology partners… We will be glad to receive your feedback on the new service!

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