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Habr, hello, this is MyOffice. 2019 has become a landmark for us. More and more users trust us. The volumes of sold licenses are measured in hundreds of thousands, more than 1 million free licenses have been transferred to the education system.

The rapid growth in the number of customers does not allow us to sit back. We are constantly improving the product, including working on unique features that are not found in any other editor, and we want to give users a more pleasant and comfortable working environment. This year, the largest number of new features was implemented in the 2019.03 release, which we published a week before the New Year 2020. And we can’t wait to tell you about this in detail.

Every day we receive feedback from our users, organize and process all incoming requests. This allows us to better understand the real needs of the market and change our product in accordance with them. We have built our business processes in such a way as to best meet customer expectations and regularly improve product capabilities.

A Brief History of MyOffice

It's no secret that the main driver of sales in the software market is a habit: if a user is used to working with one program that solves his tasks, then he will be extremely reluctant to try something new. In the case of office applications, this is the case: since even ten years ago there was no real alternative to popular Western solutions, when trying to master any modern Russian analogue, most users either experience skepticism or expect to see an exact copy of a known solution.

We started creating MyOffice six years ago. Today over 400 people are working on it. The development basis is built on three basic principles:

  • Data control.
  • Teamwork.
  • Mobility and cross-platform.

MyOffice can be deployed on all modern software and hardware platforms. Our software is compatible with the most popular operating systems, and runs on Russian computers with Elbrus and Baikal Electronics processors. A private cloud gives our users access to documents literally from anywhere in the world and on any device. Mobile applications are available for both Android and iOS, as well as for the Russian Aurora OS (Sailfish OS).

What's New in Release 2019.03

For the first time in the world in office editors, an audio comment feature has appeared – the ability to create and work with voice notes from the MyOffice Documents mobile application. We believe that voice memos can significantly speed up collaboration with documents – often, faster and easier to pronounce the desired comment than to write it using the keyboard. This is especially in demand in situations where you have to work with documents “on the run” or on the road.

Audio commentary: how it works

To leave a voice note, launch the MyOffice Documents mobile application version 2019.03 or higher, open the file you want to comment on, and hold your finger anywhere in the document for a couple of seconds. This action brings up a context menu with a proposal to add a comment: regular or voice.

Unlike office software from other manufacturers, where the unsafe voice input function with processing on third-party remote servers is used, audio comments in MyOffice are stored inside the document in XODT format and are not transmitted for decryption to third services, which provides full control over user data.

Audio commentary: what features are available

The audio comment feature is supported by all types of MyOffice products: in the cloud, in PC programs, and in mobile applications.

Users can:

  • Create audio comments from the MyOffice Documents mobile application
  • Play, stop, move to any place in the audio recording and delete it. These features are supported on all devices, regardless of platform or operating system.
  • Double the playback speed (only in the cloud).

Updated app design

Many users who are just starting to work with a new product for themselves may experience discomfort because they do not immediately understand where to find a particular function. It is important for us to make MyOffice understandable to everyone, even to someone who had never before worked in office with applications in their life.

Therefore, MyOffice has a uniform interface on all available platforms. It doesn’t matter which device you are currently using: a computer, smartphone or working from a browser. You do not have to spend extra time getting used to it.

We are constantly improving interfaces and in the release of 2019.03 decided to revise the approach to the structure of the toolbar. We made the interface of applications for PCs visually more visual, and in the spreadsheet editor we also changed the grouping of functions on the tabs.

Quick Actions Menu

We conducted several focus groups and received a large data array with feedback from our users. The study showed that many respondents want to work with documents faster. Obviously, there are “hot keys” for this purpose, and this, in general, is not news for the world of software development. But getting users to remember a set of combinations is incredibly difficult.

We found a way out of this situation; he was told to us by the world of specialized engineering software and CAD systems. Now in all components of the MyOffice platform you can press one key combination [Ctrl]+[/]which will call the search string of the desired function. The search bar supports predictive input – just type a couple of characters, and the program itself will tell the full name of the command. Thus, users can perform the necessary actions without a mouse.

Ability to compare documents

Everyone who works with text documentation was faced with the need to compare two versions of the same file. For example, you sent a contract for verification to your counterparty, and he made corrections to it and did not mark them. How to determine what has been changed in a document? You can spend a lot of time reading and checking two printed files, but this is inefficient. It is much easier to compare the files among themselves and immediately see the difference.

In MyOffice, the document comparison function works as follows: open the file in the document editor that you want to compare with another. Then in the top menu "Instruments"select command"Compare with ... "either call her via"Quick action". The program will ask you to specify the file with which the previously opened document will be compared. After the comparison procedure is completed, the program will create a new document in which the differences between the two files will be reflected in the editing mode.

Support 7 interface languages

The 2019.03 release adds support for the Portuguese language, as well as spellchecking in French and Spanish. In 2019, MyOffice entered the international market: we made the first installation of our software outside the Russian Federation. Now, in addition to Russia, MyOffice products are also available in the Republic of Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In addition, we have signed several important cooperation agreements with foreign partners, and we will continue to translate the interface into new languages.

The total number of interface languages ​​has reached seven: in addition to Russian, Tatar and Bashkir, MyOffice is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Display Pivot Tables

The result of the work of an analyst in any company is a huge table with data. Novice analysts use simple tables, professionals use summary tables. They allow you to analyze, structure and systematize huge volumes of the same type of information, based on which you can display the required parameters of the entire data array.

To create pivot tables, specialized business intelligence systems are often used. But they have to be used not only by specialized specialists, but also by ordinary employees, on whose computers there may not be such software. In the 2019.03 release, we taught MyOffice to correctly display pivot tables from spreadsheet editor files.

Duplicate headings in tables

A small but extremely important function has appeared in the text editor. Users can view and edit multi-page spreadsheets with duplicate headings on each page. When you change the title in the "header" of one part of the table, all the others can automatically change.

Opening files from the cloud in a computer application

MyOffice cloud file manager has a faster way to open a file using the PC application installed on the computer. Now you can perform this operation through the context menu that appears when you right-click. At the same time, working with the document and saving the changes made to it also occurs in real time, as in the cloud editor.

And it's all?

No, far from all. The volume of one article does not allow a detailed description of each of the new features of the release 2019.03. Much work has been done, the total number of changes reflected in the product documentation has exceeded two hundred. For example, the email development team made a number of efforts to improve work with calendaring events: there was a synchronization with the built-in calendars of mobile operating systems, various options for recurring events began to be processed better, and additional opportunities for working with them appeared.

MyOffice is constantly evolving, becoming even more powerful, fast and convenient. Our users "keep us in good shape" and we strive to quickly satisfy their basic needs. The audience of MyOffice license buyers is active and quite demanding. We feel a real drive, it gives us strength to move forward. And each of us is truly proud of the Russian product that four hundred people improve and develop daily. Want to make a cool product with us? There is nothing simpler – choose a suitable vacancy and send a resume.

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