My Personal Identity Forecast for 2022

And at the end of the year, let’s see how right / lion I was

So this wonderful time has come to take stock of the past year and look into the coming year.

I honestly didn’t want to write a mandala in the style of “what programming languages ​​to learn in 2022”, because I am sure that Habr readers have a much higher IQ than ordinary drums, but if in all seriousness you are passing through here and want to enter the IT floor bumps, and do not know which language to start with, then start with SQL.

No, really, SQL is in vogue with any “node”, it will survive the complete collapse of civilization like a cockroach with C ++, and even if some NoSQL sexy tries to convince you that documents and collections are much better than all this relational sludge, you you should leave the bar where you accidentally entered.

So, instead, I want to play a game with you and tell fortunes on the toilet grounds what will happen to the world of high technologies in the year 2022, and already at the end of 2022 discuss what was true and what I was wrong about and draw up predictions for the year 2023. I hope this will become a good tradition.


So, speculation number one is Blockchain and its incarnations. Let’s start with the crypt … The crypt has become an independent exchange-traded asset, which means that it no longer lends itself to logic and only a couple of market manipulators will know its price, and everyone else will try to make money by selling forecasts, so we do not speculate on whether it will collapse or not …

In addition, taking into account how much money was printed by central banks in 2021, some of it will undoubtedly continue to flow from the real estate and the stock market to this asset, and given that over the past year or two more hamsters have gone into this topic than graze on pastures of all the largest pet stores in the world taken together, the crypt has a permanent audience about which you can close positions.

So yes, the Satoshi business will live and flourish, more new types of coins will appear than during the collapse of the USSR, but various DeFi still cannot compete with the real financial system.

Metaverse and NFT.

Byproducts of the hype war. In short, the NFT bubble should burst, but something will emerge from its rags, I hope more practical and, I hope, it will be implemented in the plane of digital intellectual property.

Poor Zuckerberg suffers from failure after failure, then grabbed by the hand after he had been selling user data to the side for years, then accused of forming some pathologies in the younger generation, then they covered up his crypto project, the poor fellow, who became a billionaire by stealing someone else’s idea, understood, that it is impossible to live like this and not only changed the name of the company to a word not yet tainted in scandals, but also appointed Kai Metov its director. Joke.

Zuckerberg stood in “position namba tu” and announced that soon young people will be able to escape from the harsh reality into a wonderful world of fantasy and deception, simultaneously destroying their lives in a gray reality, where Zuckerberg is a billionaire, and you are not.

Hunted developers a second ago, orgasms from neural networks, rushed to build virtual worlds, Nike sneakers and harassment filters, while real guys rushed to buy diapers and tube dinners for subsequent resale, because going to the toilet in the Metaverse is the same trap as in a dream.

I think Mr. Zuckerberg has a lot of money, so this topic will not disappear quickly, and given that the idea of ​​a virtual world did not appear yesterday, and it does not matter whether you find yourself in wonderland through a white rabbit running merrily down your nostrils, or the same TV, nailed to your forehead, the result is one – we inevitably move through the looking glass.

Artificial Intelligence.

He will be everywhere and everywhere. Most likely, more and more companies will turn to intermediaries between the cool chatbot that left Aunt Lyuba without a job and companies like OpenAI and DeepMind.

OpenAI made their GPT-3 available to everyone, and DeepMind set out to release competitors of this craft, like Gopher and others, so in the fairy tale of healthy competition, the release of GPT-4 or GPT-3-Pro in 2022 is quite possible.

We’ll see yesterday’s HTML tagging experts turn into linear and not-so-great regression specialists, and course marketers continue to flood the job market with cagglers a little more than completely. However, the widespread introduction of HR bots will make the process of getting at least the first interview even more an adventure, because now young talents will have to deceive the filter, along the way mastering what they wrote there in their resume.


The office won’t be dead finally. Too much of the economy of developed countries is tied to real estate, so they will be lured back by all means, sometimes with kicks and sometimes with bonuses.

In addition, the corporate rats themselves will begin to discover that without the usual tactile kisses of the bosses’ seat, they are bypassed by more enterprising corporate lovers and will begin to tearfully ask for back, subscribing to any chipping.


By the way, yes, why are you laughing. For a resident of a metropolis, having a device under the skin capable of interacting with the city’s infrastructure, monitoring the health of the body, or knowing that employees can find you even if you are kidnapped, suddenly, will not turn out to be such an evil that restricts your civil freedom.

Damn, even if this chip is just allowed into the subway, it will be enough for a queue to line up for it. But the idea of ​​universal chipping is still a long way off, so first of all it is necessary to bring it up both morally and in the legal field, and then the former protesters themselves will run to set themselves the coveted capsule.


Considering the huge number of citizens who never returned to work, is it connected with early retirement, because the apartment bought in the 90s for the year has grown in price more than your five salaries and if there were several of them, then there is nothing to hump for pennies, or the stagnation of the salaries themselves, which have grown only on paper, and in fact cannot even cope with inflation, or because of the sea of ​​opportunities to make money on the side – freelancers will multiply exponentially.

One-sided truth social. networks does not make it possible to really distinguish between those who smoothly lay and are actually engaged in something else, the so-called “taxis for the soul” and real freelancers, who naturally will not engage in any popularization of freelancing, not to mention courses or YouTube channels because a real freelancer will not educate competitors.

By the way, did you know that I am a freelancer too? Yes, yes, I’m a freelance chef. I made myself a scrambled egg this morning … buy my course for $ 300.

And a few more little thoughts:

  • 5G will continue to triumph across the planet.

  • Computers will also rise in price due to the rise in price or the complete absence of components.

  • In 2022, a new iPhone will be released, and whatever you want, designers and marketers are working out their bread.

  • The gradual introduction to augmented reality, which I personally approve of, if now you can get a stat about an item just by looking at it, it will generate a shift in working with the consumer.

  • Java will release another version, but the real coding will still be around 7th to 11th.

  • I think, following Tik Tok, we will see another video platform on the world stage, which may even have access to a limited part of the Chinese market, but controlled by Xi Jinping and his comrades.

  • Web3.0 will be at the top of the hype and many of yesterday’s web development horns will paddle in that direction. “Because a toast cannot cost $ 8, but a croton can.”

  • Well, and, of course, memes. The tech industry will continue to spawn companies that aren’t really useful but get funded because they’re memorable.

V was with you! Let’s live one more year to see what came true and what I got sick. Good luck to everyone in 2022. Do not be ill.

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