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Recently I decided to collect some of my publications on and build a book out of them – a collection of articles. Since some of my notes are somehow connected with combinatorics, offhand I had a completely full-fledged edition. I quickly put together a 9-chapter PDF on one topic, with some minor editing and one short chapter added. I did not trouble myself with compiling the preface, the collection is a collection, you can do without formal book lyrics. Although, of course, – the preface, – as one very smart person said, – this is the most important thing that is in the book. Indeed, sometimes it is enough to read the preface, and the book itself can no longer be read. Guided by this thought, too, I collected a small book. But a vital question arose:

Where and how can I publish?

After rustling the processor of my netbook, I went to the book publishing service and decided to take a chance. For the impatient I will say:

  1. publication took place

  2. the book received an ISBN – International Standard Book Number – international standard book number

  3. publication held electronically in the ridero store and scheduled to be published on the leading e-book marketplaces.

Now about how this happens, as well as the pros and cons of self-publishing.

First about the cons: It is difficult to do without professional imposition. Any editing of the document knocks down the layout. Editorial editing, as well as layout, I did not order. At least for now, but it can be done later. Downloading illustrations for the cover is paid. I did not make the book cover, but chose what the editor offers (the system in the sense), but maybe I will do it later.

The system in the rider as a whole is interesting. You upload a pdf (or other format) document, and the service forms a book out of it: it makes a title page, annotation, a table of contents (you need to finish it in the editor yourself), numbers the pages.

Further pluses: You can edit and retype the book yourself in the editor and immediately publish. Moderation takes about one day. You can order layout and proofreading. Prices, I must say, are quite moderate. But in general, an important plus of the system is that you can do everything yourself and only send it for moderation.

Result: with all the retrying, editing, reworking of the book, it took me one week to publish.

little secretwhich I managed to find out from technical support: links cannot be used in the annotation to the book, and links (Internet) cannot be used on the first ten pages of the book.

If you are thinking about collecting your articles, notes, comments and printing a book, then on rider this can be done fairly quickly.

Thank you for reading this post to the end! This was a free promotional article – thanks to technical support and publishing service

And at the end of this note, a link to my book

PS On rider you can order any e-book in hard copy.

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